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Real Estate Transfers

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Juli M. Watrous to D.C. Griffen, Ypsilanti, $ 1. Wt-ay Graham and wife to Edgar S. Hagaman. Manchester. 1,000. Elizabetli Ij. Lewis et al. to Charles A. tjnner, Aun Arbor, 1.650. Lafajelte Crosby and vvife tt Lottie Crosby, Ypsilanti, CO. Joseph L. Rose and wife to Julia B. Scovllle. Ann Arbor city, 1,313.57 Elizabeth Klais et al to Samuel Heusel, Ana Arbor city 1,200. Harrlet Haines to Mary Jane HogaD. Bridgewater, 1. Callieriiie Steinbach. by heirs, to John . Palmer, Chelsea, 1,500. John A. Palmer and wife to Myrta H. Cnandler, Chelsea, 1,500. Christina Beyfrled, by executor, to George Adam Stoll, Ann Arbor city, 97o. Patrick Lavey and wlfe, by sheriff, to Deunis Warner, Dexter, - 3,000. Hiram Storms and wlle, by sheriff, to William M. Campbell, Ann Arbor, 2,249. George B. Mason to Anu E. Mason, Pittsfleld and Saline, 600. William J. Kern to Frederick J. Kern Manchester, 50. John J. Kern and wife to same, same, 50. George J. Kern to same, same, 50. Howard F. Nichols and wife to AuKUt Molkenthieu, Ann Arbor city, 1,200. John P. Judson and wiĆ­e to Richard Judsou and wife, Aun Arbor city, 1. Alexts P. Kenwick to May M. S. Reuwiek, Salem, 100.