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Real Estate Transfers

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John J. Mayer and wife to Charles vv. Sandford, Manchester, $ 274 Etlward D. Kinne and wife to William M. Baumgartner, Scio, 3,000 Anna Mamie to Mary Becker, Dexter- 450 Edward Pardon jr. and wife to Edward Pardon, sr., Ann Arbor, 2,500 Frederick Staeb and wife to Samuel Heusel, Ann Arbor, 200 Chas. A. Sessions and wife to Mary C. Session, Northfield, 1,072 Catherine A. Bennnett to Emraa A. Moore, Augusta, 300 A. W. Hamilton and wife to Carrle Ross, Ann Arbor, 1 George Nissly, by administrator, to Ueorge J. Nissly, Saline, 6,400 George J. Nissly and wife to John C. Marión and wife, Saline, 6,400 Julia M. Curtís to James Kettleton. Scio, 14 David A. Post and wife to Adeliue Jones, Ypsilanti, 150 Jacob Laubengayer, by executor, to Christian J. Kuebler, Freedom, 400 State of Michigan to James Howlett, Freedom, 120 Joseph L. Rose et al. toChristine Rentschier, Ann Arbor, 1 James L. Babcock and wife to Geo. Steinbach, Lima, 2,000 Catherine Steinbach, by heirs, toLewis 0. Mayer, Lima, 5,500 Charles H. Kempf and wife to John Leicht. Lima, 3,600 Martin Traub and wife to C. F. Kapp, Manchester, 374 John P. Wallace and wife to John Staib, Bridgewater, 5,350 Joseph Ussler and wife to August Broek and wife, Augusta, 1,800 Flora A. Seyler to Julia E. Krapf, Ann Arbor, 1.500 Christian Schlenker and wife to William M. Sturgeon, Anu Arbor, 106 John P. Smitb and wife to Catherine Smith, Anu Arbor, 500 Margaretha Diehl to George A. Weidelich.Ann Arbor, 300 James F. Godfrey and wife to Jacob Brillinger, Ypsilanti, 100 Arthur Brown and wife to E. D. Brooks et al., Ann Arbor 5,000 James Kearns aud wife to Elmer L. Brown. Ypsilanti 350