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The Y. M. C. A. Banquet

The Y. M. C. A. Banquet image
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Pnoíbalrjy the most euccessful banqraet yet glven by the Wonn-an' Auxtiia-rj; to tihie Y. M. C. A., was that whiioh ook p'jace last Friidlay evening. Ifc was gitvein in ooimpCiment to the eustolnhig memlws, oí whom theire vere some 150 presen. The taWes Tv-ere Bpread' wlth gcxod taste ama pcrttd p:ants and cut flowera added to the deoo.ratjoms. Whiite Bhe T.ilaJiidis p'jaced thierecm for the ■gmestts were both die"Jiloa.te arnd deliciions to tllie taste. After tiue least, Bageme S. CWÜmore, as to'afitmaster, ia a few weiï cihiosen words eet tlhe ta;'A rollimg, and unioosed the of thie speakers. Dr. Etoy S. CopeCaad gave a very accurate and p'.laiin description of "IJaiiid'XK'cI amd Tenant," and drew tbe ooncüusiion tihiat the Y. M1-. C. A'. had been tenant long enoiuig'h,, and that It was the duty of the peop'je' o{ A.nn ATtoor to seO to it'that the assool'ation had a permlament borne oï its wen. Amianig the other speakere were Rev. J. W. Bradslhaw, oí the Congregat! clhurch of thfs city, Mr. H. G. Van Tuyl, of Dötiroiit, G. Frank Allmenidiimger of this cïty, amd the Grenral Secretary for the state Y. M. C A.. SIr. C. M. Oope'.laiiid1. All gave gcxod addresses and iiinipressed ipon tthwse present tbe diuty of ncwt onty susrtiajimiiwg tlie assocïatioo witb a rig'ht gO'Od will, but of taktog hold and heCSpiinig the miembere to secure tihio much raeeded home of tlieir own. Betore the meeting; afljomrned, Mr. Gilmore ainiiiounoe'd tlluat two checks for $250 eaeh. ome ƒ rom James J-,. Ra'hooc'k. aiud aniotihier {rom Mrs. ECtla Baboock, also. a eutoscriiptiioui of $100 from G. Frank AH■memld'iing'er had been recetved. Thes sweïl tlhe butldimg funii already accumuJarted tio $2,800. And may tihe g'O'Cxi work go on. Tlhe íiirc deipajtanieirut was out thst evfliiiiinlg by a1 co'uflagratiioti in tiLe eaist buiMilnig of the Michigan Tablie Qb's facto'i'y oía S. Mato et., at tjie A'nin ArbiOT Kai:hvay crossilng. Tlue run was made in quick time, but tihe Kaïnies had quite a U'vely et-rt, and tlLe lioss on nuacMnery amd tolls will be cfonsildienab'je- liard t,o estímate at th&; wrfting.


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