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A Farmer's Dream

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Once a farmer had one thousaud eight huudred bushels of wheat, wtiich lie sold, not to a single grain merehant, but to one thousand eight hundred different dealers, a bushei each. A few of tliein paid him cash, but far the greater nuinber said it was not convenient theu, but would pay later. A few months pássed, and the mau's bank acniit-ran low. "How is tlüs?" he said. "My one thousand eight hundred bushels of grain should have kept. me in affluence until another erop is raised, but I have paited with the grain and have instead only a vast number of accounts so sniall and scattered that 1 cannot get around and collect them fast enough to pay expenses." So he posted up a public notice and asked all those who owed him to pay quickly. But few came. The rest said, "Mine is only a small matter, and I will go and pay one of these days," forgetting that though each account was very smallwhen all were put together they meant a large sum to the man. Things went on thus ; the man got to feeling so badly and rolled and tossed about so mucb in bis efiorts to collect that he feil out of bed and awoke, and running to his grannary found his one thonsand eight hundred bushels of wheat still safe there. He iiad only been dreaming, and hadn't sold his wheat at all. Moral - The next day the man went to the publisher of his paper and said : "Here, sir, is the pay for your paper, and when next year's subscription is due you can depend upon me to pay it promptly. 1 stood in the position of an editor last night, and I know how it feels to have one's honeslly earned money scattered all over the country in small amounts." - Franklin Democrat.


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