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A Padlocked Heart. ■ víjk 'I mí WClUll cause 1 Xf 11 M&i strong men to gBlMÊk Bings of vomen are more H ' llllluMmm than half unknown and unm " m I H appreciated. The refined ÖP Èlr sensitiveness of their orWUluu1 p-anism lays them Hable to a thousand xquisite tortures which a coarser nature can never experience or comprehend. The least derangement or disorder of the delicate special organism of their sex overwhulms the whole physical and mental being with weakness and wretchedness. But it is a mistake to suffer these troubles in silence. They may be cured in the perfect privacy of home, without the repug.iant ordeal of examinations and "local treatment," which the family doctor is sure ta insist upon. No physician in the world has had a wider or more successful experience in the treatment of woman's diseases than Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. His " Favorite Prescription " is a positive cure fqr the most obstinate and complicated feminine difficulties. It is the only medicine of its kind prepared by an educated, skilied physician. Mr. J. F. Sneed, of Omen, Texas, writes : " My wife was badly afflicted with female weakness. We tried three of the best physicians in the country without benefit, but at great expense. My wife grew worse, and we gave up in despair. She could not get in and out of doors without help; was not able to stand on her feet long at a time, coniplained of dragging down pains in abdomen. Nothtag but an untimely death seemed awaiting her, when - happy thought ! - the name of Dr. Pierce came to my mind. I wrote to Dr. Pierce received his advice. followed it, my wife iraproved perceptibl}' from the first two week's treatment, continued the treatment six months, and pronounced the cure complete, at a cost of less than one month's treatment by the last physician we employed before consulting Dr. Pierce. She used Dr. P'ierce's Favorite Prescription and the lotions recommended by him. It has been two years since, and the good effect is permanent."


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