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Duty To The Children

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We notice that during these pleasant evenings some children about town are in the liabit of playing in the middle of the road. They become interested iu a game of ball or tag and do ot notice the approach of vehicles, aud the danger of beiiig run down aud seriously injured is very great, especially l'rom bicycles as the machines run so quietly that they are not easily noticed and too, some boys seem to take fiendish delight in dodging back aud forth before au approaching wheel. Parents should keep their children out of the roads for the sake of safety and they should teach the ui not to interfere with. passing cyclers. Some of the boys have an impudent habit of catching hold of a lady's skirt or a gentleinan's coat and sometimes throwing the rider off. - Enterprise. And that is the entire truth. When the two men were in Norvell buyingup beans of the trusting farmers, Will Troltz and Henry Steinigeweg were among the number wlio sold their erop, but failed to get their coin, even in that silver town, the parties putting off paying and getting avvay with at least a carload for which they never paid a cent. Siuce then the above mentioned employed the services of the sheriff of Jackson couuty, who after locating the men placed them under arrest and landed them in, where one is now languishing, the other being out on bail. The county will take charge of the matter and it is needless to add that justice will eventually be done. - Enterprise.


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