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Th,e Normal" second niiue defeated tlie Aun Artor High EchaoCls Salturday p. m., at the faiflr granaos, ttte score Btarictiing 7 tio 12. Tlue Atuj Arbor Büectrlfc Co. are puttilng in sO'Hi& frne pojes shipped lieve from Nortlh. Dakoa- but jufit where in XortlL Da.kota tliey grw ts nofc saüd. Herary Luce was a miember oi tji.e Eoyai Aiwttnm wlireaii te (Ueil, and Ms nvothier wQ receiH'e $3,000 in a Shlort tiiae, t'lue amoawiit oí hts poiicy t.hieredti. BE'ly TValSk someithilng oi a hustlei1. Ia compa-ny wi'tli Chris. Brejiner, lne has already sold a oarload of Deeriluig heupvèstlng iiiaöliiiiies, which WÈ1 be dieliiv-ered May l&b. Dr. Meao aas opemed up am office at No. 47 N. Fourtih, ave. The amniual liilgh schO'Oil party wiU be giilvem om Fridiay evening. Kamt's nuajrket on Detroit st. lias beeai purctosed by Mr. Shepherd. The öhÜdröri's class had thedr last diance Satmrday p. m., at Granger's Frateraiity Lodge F. & A. M., witl -ark the 3ö degree om Frlday eveniuig. There aire a lang siiwuber oí good sea'ts yet tío be obtaüitniedi for ttuei May FestiivaJ-. Mayor Maybury's prívate secretary Is James A. Mart'io, a former Ann Arbor boy. Theire is to be a dinamatib. emtertain.mein-; at the Unïtau-ian church on Pridiay evemiiig. iMiss Jessie Merria is to eucceed Edward L Seylter as boiokkeeper for E. F. MÜls & Oo. J. D. Kyan lias tenöedl Jilsi new annex to W. J. Gwininier, wh.0 will open a saloon thereini. Títere was a sluarp fr&sb again yesterday moirning. Verfcly, spring is nat perpetual sprítag this year. A raeat markeft ml be rúa by W. ii. Buiatmg O'f N. Main st., hereafter im. connection wltlt his {jrocery business. It is tliought that the legislature will appropriate $3,000 tO' keep the nosjjitals open duiing the summer vacatiou, A frdiend writilng fnom a state says : ''We are nwich, obliged for the Caurier. It is like greeting aa old friend.' The street eominilttee ol the commooi oounC'ül was on Ita grand rounds yesterday, eo look out for somie big Inipnovemeiats sooai. The Lyna Maeanercibor annoiunces a gnancl c oncert for Thursday eventnig, May 6, and it wil bei assisted, ty the Ana Arbor arohiesitra with 15 pieoes.'b'O'dy who has to handlie coin aseearts that tkere are a lob op co'unfeit diollars oí the 1893 date and hati diollars of 1891 datO ÜDI cii1cttjat'UJii. The enterpristog farmer, wiieu he reaids oi tlie Eurap6a.a war, wül feel ioiclümed to siog the w'his'at bye and bye.- Tinifíi. In 'MS wilreat Ijuy and buy. li farraars woudii spend inore uime in budUJisig good roads ;md lesa time iin buiiJdiimg peor oiies, 'fliey would conie out Ju tlie and wilUi both time an.d momey sa ved. The Esperto Cjuib is to appear at tlia Cheilsea o-pera no'ose, April 30. This Ollab is gaining a rèmarkably fine reputiation, andi giv&s an excelÜeat entertainment. Ta-niiorroYi-, April 30, tllie Aan Arbor High School nAne will play a gamo wltSb, the üetrait team, ia this citj-. A return gama WtCI be played ia Iteörolt on JunO 19. The dial for tlue ecnvtih face oí the eoiïrt house c;ock arriived Friday, and Satu'i-day C. E. Godfrey's men luau'led' ït up inito the tower with nopo aad tackjR - mío smiall Joto. öaiüd we get alonig without the te'JepihiCMie or telegmph ? Yes, but Ït woaM be sl'ó-w. MercÜJiamts can get a'joinig wttbociff advartisiing but ïfc'a ,so (V)- l'inckney DLspatcih. Laldles. lusten to this rom the Grass Late News : "Wken ever you eee ome of t'h eex a't au anitert"aóinment wtuo d'on't remore her Bky plow, you may know s'he is ashanied1 o-f her haii:1." Chas. BaCiuss, wliio formerlyliveü ■Wlth Mb fo'.ikii here, on E. Ann st., had the 'saiil miiBJortuue to have his left band cul ofl -vlnilje wartdaog ia nis fathier's saw mi'Jl at Temple, Mich. ChK-"atL Union retoeairaal Fridey evenfag. Every mieniber must Je present and on tünie, at 7 o'clocIc storp.. ThKXse whiO wjöh to carry on the salami busiiiness "thie coming year must taave thieiir bands ïüed wilth the city cfjerk befare Frïdiay nao.n. On Suadlay evaatag May Obli-, one ■week ïnom niexl Sumidlay, Rev. Dr. L. T. TiOTvnisend, oi Washiflngton, ï. C. WË1 lectare in tlie "Wesleyaii Guild cou'Hse. llaniager TZecniK, oï tlie Be'l Telep'hioiie comipany, announces ttliat his com)p,ainy is read'y toeaber into contracts uuöer tlue rediiced rates ior any teran up to five yesuris. An effort is betag madfe to organize a bi-ancli of tbe Oatliollc Knightsl of St. John, an insu'ranoe order, in this city. Meetlimg Satundiay eveaiiaig at St. Thomas paro-ciulafj school. "Ooi.' Wilnslow, our builder and contractor, bas (yottein on to tlie eeöre oí coiLstructing coi;1 storage biiKdUngs. aind is in aemand ttoo'agnout tin-o state far tbat purpose. A meeítimg oí the W. H. M. Sí oí the M. E. clvurch wüï be held wHtb Mrs. W. J. Baotti, of 48 El Liberty St., on FrikJay afteraioioai at 3 o'c'.bck. Affalijrs oï inifcerest wiT.l be brought forVvard. RandaCi had so me extiremely fine ■wovk on. display in his Easter wiadiDW. Á picture of Geruid Brown, with his ch'Oir vestments on, was aspecialy fine, and attracted much attemtion. gome travelers in Pamir profesa to havo found in that unexplo-red country a peculiar tribe of people who are sun-worehippers. "Well, fhere are quite a good majiy Bon-worshiippers hiere, in tihiis counftry. Footer prediicts that May wit! bring gome fatal' storms - storms that ghaufld be provitded agaimst and watdhied. buit for the most part good, seasoinabae weather for prosecuting all agricultura! work. Jlaaoib Sturm bas ievMd uipoa ttoe l'amd ö[ Chías. T. Batiletman, t:ui man w'hio set iilne to te& own pro p er t y in the toivu of York to secure the. insunance. The amioumt of thie judgroerit ia $169.46, wiltlh oosts of $3.10. Mrs. J. H. Eatioa of E. Ann et., has garren $100 towaixl the Y. M. C. C. A. buüdimg fund. This miakes ttae fund stand at an ewn $3,000. Since tlte abcme "was -wrjltteni Mrs. 3. F. Söh&irer bas addied amotiher $100. (Jood. A nw tölep'lïoae line wiill soon be cioniStructed and in operatiion Jrom Detnoit to the couiity house and wM priObaTXy be extemded on, t Ypsilanti amd Ann Arbor. Tlue rate wiU be 10 eente per messa'ge and! coupon boo'ks will be sold.- Wayne Ilevilew. Th,e eliouiti oo'urt caemdiar for the term ia being priintieidi, and wlü con■taiin 65 oases ajöogetluer, oí which 14 are cffiimdiuaj 30 issues O'ï fact, í iiasu'es oi 3aw, 7 lst olass cilia.ncery, 1 3-d c,'ass cfeancery and 10 4th. class olnancerj'. Tire juiry te caLled íot Tuesdiay. May 4th,, at 10 o'cüock a. m. It is re'Jaited by ühie Pree Press that Eepreseinlative Sawyer, on" Ann Arboc, i.s a heart wiminer, aim'O'ng the jadies wlno visit the bate li&use, the liütle mook beihiuü hfe ixtmndlty being dubbed '■Bioumiet Oomer." AVeCl, it m.ust be ooiüiEessed xluxt A. J. is good .!.) 'ikiiiifi well la'nd-ed, wibty, '-allatit, ind a sp-eeclix nxakör, uut eo siiy- my eye '.- Aaria.n Press. The picture framhig business oí M. W. BCate, cari-ietl_oa ia, tlie lo'wer j ol ll;uul;i:i's galleiry, oo K. WastoinKton st., lias been purchased By auis AJlmeadinger and Abram B. Wines, v.iho wKl condnict it jie'.'eaitei' lu the iiim aaine ol Wines & Ailmendiiig'iíi". Clirií. has been a iixture 'ai the busimess so long that custoanevs are all well ácquaftnted wüfch Iiim, and Mr. WJiaee JB alsü a practical man, so the aew ünn ougíit to eucceed. Wm. W. Wedemeyec Isas :-estíined Ui.' oi.'fioe of Ouuinty Commisstoner of Sehioii'js, to tiike imanediate offect, and út being tlue duty al tke cbainaen ■of the varüous Tawnishdp boards 01 schoj'l iiuspectoi's to choose his euccessar, Ooumty CJerk Sctoii lias called tlnaifc body to meet at the coni'rt JiiOU'Se, in. thiis city, on Tuesdlay next, May 4, at 11 o'csock a. m., the purp'O'se oï iiüing the vacaacy. As Piiol' "Wm. N. Lisber lilas beein chiosem to tJie poBiition, arudl wlll take the pCiace ui a SLuort tüiae anyway, iB he logical ca;nd3dabe, and will uo do-ul) be e]ected. Godfrey, the ta-uclonam, has liad a dtíicatie ldfctle truck built, the tires íor whlcih. are 8 inclies wid'e, audi evei-ytihing ellSü in pi-oipon-tion. l'rkl'ay lie iliülkuted tJie vtíliic'Je by Jiaullng a fourteen ton chunk of mai"b;ie írom the Aun AiTbor depot to Forest WSA cenietery. ïhe sh,aït ia íor a moiiumeiit to be pLaced oa Geong'e W. BulldB' l'öt, anil was woirtli $1,200. The lu-a.nsfer vas made wïth,0'ut th Jeast tno'uba'. Mr. Goidlírey says íji trutk can carry a]l the we;h,t posible, to pClaoa upiO'n 3t, up to tiUirty toóos, at ieast. What is the rouiditton oí our streets, to-day ? Muddy? Or dflisty ? Some oí the pldtures of Pnesiflent Arageïl whiolL are tra veiling ab-out the country are trui y alarmtag. One taken f rom the New OrCeans TLmesDemocrat is sent us ■viltih, the remark: "The c: i mate seems to have done wonders ior him, to grow halsr on the top of bis heatl í'ii the; short time he bas been soath." Tlie Aon Arbor BaÖJway wiill wot on'iy put on re-p-afiffted and refurnished oaac'h,es 011 May let, but. wiCI do a,w,ay -wiütih the Ilttle bo'x the brakexnan oarriiss oif and1 on at evefy stat'ïcmi for the benefit of paiseemgers who oaininoib or dio not desjre to make a ;íonig a-eatíb. to geit upon th oí tibe platform. The iomavablon is to atlaclh an exbemaüciin step to tliose d"jready on. The I. 0. O. F. Mutual Benefit Associatjüon is the iiams oí a society fonmed by th-t Odd jJV.Knvs and Daugihters of Kebekaih, wlth the idea ol tnnaXeb&ag a f and for rts members to be used in easa oí thiaP leatih, the amount to be paid mot to exoeed $200. Eacih membw peys au inilti■altoin feo of 50 cents and $1 at a deat'h. There are 23 charter inembeirs, and t'Jie oifieera are as follows : C. E. GfodTrey, pcesident ; W. C cobuí-, vice presiláteut ; C. M. Elnieir, secnetarj ; Herman ICrapf, treasure ; icrustee : B. A. Jeminy, To'hsn Fisher, Josepfa. Martin, Georige Scort, Hemry fiichiards and Mrs. McNally. Some ome claims to have made a very stairtlinig and pleasant disco very : "When; peeífag onions carry a piece oï steel- acn o-rdimary darning nieedlie is iaiige enough in the moutih, projecting between tlhe Üps, amd you wifi avcld tlie smairt-ing, tear-makIng senisatdon witóh ordinariJy accompanies tMs operatioin. There Is scmetthing m the etee! whicJi attracts to it the öffendüng x3üatile oii rising from tihe puogemt vegetable, givmg the ome peeling absolute immutiny irom iite distressilmg effeots." So, of eounse, af ter ome has eaten onions, the samo tlüng ouight to work the olher way, taki'mg from thie breath aU tlie ovfeneive oda:-. Consequen tcy, tOie otfemsiSve odw. Consequente, two days af ter eattog oailons, luocG a darmlng needie between your tee'Wi, Manager T. J. Iveecih, a.nrno unces offki'a,:iy that, btoning July lst, the terjepbo.ntí rutes ïor Ann Arbor and ïpsSUaatl subserübers wlll be : l'or luauses, $24, net, per amnuni; two 0r tïwee 'phiomes on the saine iJme, $20 eaeh ; fouT tio si'x on the same j!e, $16 eacili. Por residences $18, net ; two o-r thiree on saame. Idne, $17 each ; íour to sis ora, sao line, $15 eacli. This jiew rate is the same as t'hiat öifered by thie New State Te:,eplliioin? company, whóch lias been tiryitag for some time to get a in this city. Manager Keech insists that has coanpany cannot afl'O'Vd to :owe,r the rates and does so tómípCy because forced to do so. He aiso states taat hie fe ready tx make oo-ntiracts for fifve years at th.e above figuii-es. The Daiily Times says that eome of the hotel men are kieking because thu Clioral UnLon authorities ask to iKivf these who can Jairntsh room and board for tlhe May Festival visitors co serad In their nameis to Secretary SpiMioe, eiitlLng the fact tbat last year Uw hjótej3 had no guiaste a all for that week. ïast year thie event was HOC adve"tiiised outslde oi Ann Aibor, ix'.id ii: a.ny one cama here Irom ;iui-ii(le t:iiey came to thie city as guests iixuiid's living he,re. The year previiouis Uhe boteCs were Ilooded anil sa wei-e atl ühe boardimg lwuses. Thi.3 year tttnere'w-m 'oe all the people he hiffttós and boardiinig houses can tako oaire of, as tihie Peist-ifral iis beins- adivertiised thi-oivgliiout the lítate agaiin. The Choral Uiüion autho.rities are dioimig What they sihould do, makimg an earnest endeavor ïo properly pniovúlde joidg-iiag and for all whio may dei,re to attend the Festival from abroad. There is more CaJtarrh In tihis sectilo-n of ttue country tban all other dteeases put togethar, and umtdl' the last few year was s-npposed tío foe tocui-able. For a great many years doctors pi'oaoumced üfc a local disease, and prescrfilbed local remedies, and by comstantay fadiing to cure Tivitla fooa.1 treatnient, pronoiuiiced it incurabl'e. Science liias proTen catarrh to be a cio.nstjt'utioiual1 'disease, and. tbereíore, requires con&tittitioiuU ti-eaJtiment. Hall's Catarrh. Cure, mannfactured by P. J. Coeney & Co., To:do, Ohdo, is the only cons-titutioiial cure ooi the market. It is takon inberoeïly in dioses irocm 10 drops to a teasp'Omïum. It actsdiirectly on tlie b-lood and raucous surfaces oí ■the system. They offer one lmndred doSHars íor any casa ib íails to cure. Send for circuliai-s and testimoniáis. Addi'ess, F. J. CHENEY & CO., TüLjeidio, OhiO'. S'oLÜ by Drug-gists, 75c.


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