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lectric Light --THE BEST Some of the Advantasres of Electric Light: Cubic feet Cubic feet of Heat produced In of air carbonio acid 1 ft Watt's raised vitiated. produced. Io Fahrenheit. 12 c. p. Incandescent Lamp None. None. 13.8 12 c. p. Gas Liglit 345.25 3.21 278.6 12 c. p. Kerosene Lamp 376.30 3.54 232.6 Some of the Disadvantages of Gas: Air consumed. Carbonic Acid thrown off. Heat. Unsteadiness of Light. Freezing Pipes. Danger of Suffocation. Humidity. Danger from use of Matches. Ceilings Blackened. Water and Air in Pipes. Sulphur thrown off. Metals and Gildings Tarnished. Ammonia thrown off. Sulphuretted H}'droeen thrown off. Gas caimot be inverted to throw light down. None of these Disadvantages Accompany Electric Lighting. In general the Incandescent Electric Light is much healthier and much more convenient to use thau any other inethod of lighting, and is more economical for amount of light furnished than gas. Electricity for all kinds of Power. - Electricity for Keating. If you need Light Apply to


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