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TIEED SALESWOMETÏ. Employers Should Be More Considérate of Their Health. Interest ing Statement by a loang Lady in Brookljn. In the vast retail establishments of large cities, many woinen are employed as saleswomen. Men f ormerly held the positions that the same work. Their duties compel them to be on their feet from morning to night, and many of them, in a short time, contract these distressing complaints called "female diseases." Then occur irregularities, suppressed or painful menstruation, weakness, indigestión, leucorrhoea, general debility and nervous prostration. They are beset with such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, lassitude, excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, "all-gone" and " want-to-be-left-alone " ieelings, blues and hopelessness. In such cases there is one tried and trae remedy. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles. The following is a sample : " My dear Mrs. Pinkham : - Af ter writing you, and before your answer carne, I was too miserable to go to the store, and so lost my position. That was five weeks ago. I am now back again in my old place, and never feit so well in all my life. The bearing-down pains and whites have left me, and I am not a bit nervous or blue. Life looks brighter to me. I don't get tired, my temper is real sweet, and I could scream right out Every woman in my position should know of your wonderful remedy. I never saw you, but Í love you f or being so good to me. " - Edith W. 6th Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. - - - --n--


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