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CAN CURE ASTHMA AND HAY FEVER. A Noted Physieian Offers to Prove This to all Sufferers in Ann Arbor Ttoe majari'ty of eufferers from Astlhmia iand kindred oomplainits, after tiryIng doctors and nmnfberless remedie adYertlsed as positive cures without avaH, Ihiave come to the conclusión tihiat fchere is na cure ïor this' most dfebressiimg disease, and tliese same persons will be th,e more io doubt and Bkeptócal when uhey learn througfc the columns of the press t.hat Dr. Rndolph. (ScifriffmeuMi, the recogniized ap■tnarity wih'O has treated more case of tihieso diseases tlhan any living doe tor, hjas aöhieved euccess by perfectIng a remedy whicb not only glvaa immediato relief in the worst cases, bat hias posiitively cured tihoiisands of buIferers wluo were consMered Incurable. These were juet as skeptieal as ome of our readers iow are. Dr. Scli'lllmamn'M remedy no diooubbpossesses the mörit whdteh Is clalmed ior lt or h wiould n0t authorize tlhis paper to anmioxmce that (he is jot only willing to giTe free %o each pensom sufferlmg Trom As'öhma, Hay Fe'ver ol Brondhd'tlB lm tlhls city, one liberal "fres trial box" of hte Oure1, but urgentïy reuests all sufferers Ho cali at Goodye'ar's Brug Sfore, An,n Arbor, wltSilta tie nest three days and receive a package absolutely free o-f rjuarge, knowing thiat Itn making the claim be does for hls Cure, a stroog doubt may arfeO in tlhe mlnds oí inany.and tbat a pers'onal test, as he offers to all. will be more comvtncing, and prove lts merite, ttoan tlhe publishlng oí thousands of testimoniáis from peraoos who have been permnnently curOd by the use oif Ms Asthma Cure. "Dr. Sofhíiffmami's Asthma Cure," a Jit fe called, has been sold by drugglst of this etty erenslnce it -was ílrst introduced, alth.ough many pprsons may never have heard of lt, andi lt Js wlth a view to peacOdÓB the=e that he makes tMs offer. Thte is certalnly a moft geroeTCMiis and fai'.t offer, and all who are Buifferltng froim any of the above complainfcs tfhould remember the date and place wTiere the dtetirilbnilon will be made, and avall themselves of the same. Persons llrItag out of this city wïio deslre to test the effücacy of thls most wonderful remedy -wiHl receive a package free by wrltfhig to Dr. Bohlffmann, 830 Rosabel etreet, S't. Paul, Minn., providimg their letter Is recelved before Oct. 16th, as no free samples can tw obtained after that date.


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