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Judge Lane Accepts The Place

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The regiemite, at tiieilr ï'ecenib meeting-, Oleotod Judge Vtetor H. Lruie of Aiiiiaai, lio the FletcJieir professorsbip of La,w, {rom wWch the Hom Levi 1. GfffflHxi recently resigned'. Jutlge Lanío has aecöpteid tbe joition, and wil! romo ve liere witfli hls f;iiuUy duilag' tlie coming summer. He has o"ei' two yeai-s a.atl a half yöfc "to s&rvi& as pit judige o-I tihe Lènawee and HiillíldJalu cdrcuit, au,J wlll consequieaitly ■ i pSitloin v.) accept oí thSs. A:iimi flrst elecfbea he was the youngesl Jiudga om tihe bönch in tüe e, yet ha kas is i adimlli dsteffed the rs óf tlie comrb th'at ho has made ütmel{ ppomiuent ii tune leg-al woTldi mu1 hield t.liie confideaice and osteem ol luis feil ov cltizeoB to l reimarkat)le ctegiiee. The regenlts have eertainly hiowa Avisd'om to, tte fieleetiion, and the UiiLvensiity Is fortúnate ia BectUTlimg tlue so:rvices of türiö foirmer sou of Oiers.


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