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To Insure Business Stability

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Hou. Chías. X. Po-wler oí New Jeirsey toas uitrodnced a biil ki eongïees Ubat bids Eair 10 i-olve tlue p-roblean of and dj away with ihu eternal jangling owr d ■ ■ inrposed upior. imports. ïtae ppopiasdltdom is to créate a Tarííf Ouuimissioia, t ba composed of :; members, a foc 21 eare, whioae diuty iit s'.iall ba "too Investígate all questáoos oí Federal . au-,1 annually rnake a reprt to tfiüe Presiid ■ üaiited Sia tes om or b3fo"e tiue lsfc d'ay of mber, wtth sucli. recoinmendaus for cliianges in import (hi-tiss and íntenial-reTenue taxes as tliey may &&em wise and pnoper." Tlie comïn'-sion aluall havo power, witüi the President, 'to soispeiud any part or the whcle of arty tax upo.ii innports of aiiy imbonnal tax "vvlusSi may been iimpaoed roy oanress," etc. ïlie objecbiioiïs to ïhe biill have not as yeb beaa preseuted. Tiiere may 'be reasoeafi wliy Uia sclieme wouW not ba p i'ad Mc al, bat at öhto wriittng ib loioks as if t.hie passa-ga of this bill wcniKl gi i i biBlmeea Interosts oí tèie. aoaatry, and completely do away witih tüe conitiiaujal ■tvnkeriiiis wlltih tJio tiaJiBOne g-neat argamejit in ite avjr ■wwiW be tihö powar af ulie 1' h nt and tht? commilssiDn acb in oase oí" mead1. Non-, notí.iiing can be aoeompliiSüed &ave WUein íSre President anö batii BPcrasas of CJongreae are iu acoo'rd, wliisti sometdimes does not liappen for many years. Por tnstance, ttere wais no time between 1875 arid 1889 whea suclh., a etate of affairs existed. Dniess there are otbjectrons not now apparent, titue Oau" beliteves that tlie pToposdltiiOn should be tri'ed. At any i-ate. üí tlitíre are valid oíbjectioms, we should liike t-o hea,r what tUey are. Just as lang as amy ccrasúd'erable mimíber oif inem iJn a eommuniity talk of bard timas, poor bsi'ness and bad manasemeiit, just si3 lomg wffll 'Wiey e ait itoflueiutíí too muke iheiii' to'wn whiaft ttey are cla.:im;:infë Scur it. It is trae tJuab ltetotiicwj was expected that wffatól brüng abaut a spaedy i unge am : ■ lat ■ ïog amdl mess iiniterests oí the country. There liias been some ditíappoibtment in flhis, but t.hie min ■:■ fir.'in tlhat wttlts ior ktgüslatiiy;!, expects legfcla-tiom, ío roalbe busiaess Jöh húm, wül wait, in, It ila the live, wlá& a wake ))us:iiucí;s mam, ■wïno saejiis business .aU;ng off, gors t work and by b!B own emeiTgáes j-eciolvera 1jh,3 lotss, Uiat 1b tüieiii readiy to take aSvaautage1 K lciiiisla.tiioii wiheoi ilfc coimes. To! come ii a BtadflteMU witíing Jönr legi&laT.iitm to put mom.ay in pocfcet s DB no ailvanoeinent and 5ess bu.-flness every year.- Cedar Springa Clipper. Applelo'n's Popular Sctance Montiily fOT Jnoie contiaiiis an important contiritoutèan to modüni economics by i Hou. BaTlid A. WeJla on "The Ntotnjeiiclature and Farms of Taxatiioin." The poll-tax is bShowo. to be a diesirabto form if popular opinión can bo bno'ug.lit toi Javor it. The relativo maráits ot direct a-nd indirect taxatóon are öiBcassed at soime length, anü) the conclusión is ai'rivod at tiliat, Avliile indirect taxation is gtjnerally favored! by public opinión, t ia mnclis the most cxpemsiive and ia-nd least desiirable of tliO two.


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