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The Rush To The Cities

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Oír. ' IHS 'V:l "i of Oiir Kamas le ■ ! ■' t0 ihe cáities. Reaulting Enom thts is ttie weafcnfasa ana SnsitablMlfcy oí the ! as (.-ompaiMl witt a a canitay, ago. i .j .111 cluaracter goes ihoUl on vlie soil. We Mi.v weU 1) :'k IVJ..H alarm omi a cónid'i'tdltHi iu ViiiolL all ni'en oí wealth anuí poweir ahiall b xd Í!n Uie -, wliile tona faraivsaTC! left to the weak íukI infíteienib to tlie, peasanits al otOier aatiljoiis'. As mtitíeís are, Ui.) edities are great diestroyers oí taiman Míe. We vave wis learnc I pipopertJ! to govera tbeim aor to uiake them effecitáve, aa cilty la íuil oí iMin.iu íafflares, resulta oí radsdáirected efíort. A tour oí ' prÈncdlpa! .Pirréis, halls in;l metiiig places on Sunday eveaiíng Ín any -■nal ci'ty wiU Bbiotw Ivow terrlbly tnit thia i-s. Ctertatniy aae-fourtii the present iiapuliaitiion of sik.'.i a t-'.r.y .■ni Praaeteoo!, Sor example, lias ao n il buetoess ilirexe. . These peopie a irotruL'iig whieli is offectrve íor tlieniáelvos ot hielpful fco otters, ;md tllue e3nïdii,Dioii of tthie othor tlLree-iöurths, ain! most láikely theic own!, would te aistinctly tmpnoved, SI titos mísfi'b persons mi nliil go back ï'i the farms. ',.' oom; c:ui Buceeed i'.i any country anüesB h te abla wíiltng to do gome one ifehílng well and stleto to tt. Becaxise túae lie oi tire ecmnry la sampler anö more hioines-b iit is easier tor a man oí moflana-te aU'ixy to íiifc bivio it. I oall it more luomest btoauise tte farm luí e deals wiitiií naiir.'c íiirst biaad, -white city lite deals wíth bte ehiftlmg relations oí ineii "Thie farmer Iradas wítfli nature through no müddle man. Xa-ture ÍS as komeet etennïïby aml shO never fao ínaet the juist dues oí those wiu tuve claims upoa her." In tthie city, oppoTtnmStíes bo gratify anibSition are mai-e niamsirouiá and greatfer thia,n m this country. But uppo'rtunity comes oiily to Vlie man whia ca.i usa cví it. For a man whw oan do únpoi-taiu thimga and cao du tiiem welll vtuet city wiü always fine sjmetlimg to do. llemce the success oí tuiousands of men wlio üavc goalO to tlie citres vviltíh their worWly goeds oa theLr baol and 110 capital but tih.eif bi&ïas . But tllie great majoffity oí ■oiaose ■wlio leave tlie iai-ins ai'a iio: oí this ip.'. They havc u ; li'-i i'l "to do auyühing wll, least .jí all anyUiáng tliat the pjjpl-e oí -che altiea want. ae tire íailune oí those who -o to 1'b.i? ci'.fei wfthout capital oí any kinid, or wtüh. capital oí obher kind thaii braij The great obstacie ia the way cL the efíeotive wj-rkíng nvxn ja not orLzeel oapi'tial. It is efficieiuey. It is tiie great ei"jvd oi iliose, who can d : motliing wall ani wihose piresence oani'Ses a general scramble wlieuever tbiere is any work to b& d'o-ne. Capltalists could arud. would doubls 'he wags of labor if they weoro assured oí ;nibell;ignit, effeetiive and loyal service. Braiins amd) beiart xhe only servante tlhat a nuaoi can afíord to pay tor. If you camiiot funiiani one tliie otihier of these there is no help yo-u. You canno live by the wiork of youir hianidBv Least of all can yon dio this in 'iihia ciity waiecO comlpetitiiioia is severe aiiid1 where tliree mm aro sferuggEng [ i mee . of one. i;i i uoub: ■ .. i .' ■ ■■■ m ■,■ ■ i 'i in p W.' iiav use-d . ; -y effor to be spmetiiiJng more l,han a na i Ea tn -. ■ui I En , . V. .' 'A Y al:ll KSt .■iLJi.'li ÖUT farms. E ■' ' :' ';l 'l tthe ni ;.' i oaui3a o! h ■ c nagas-tii m. of ■Wie aktles. The obher causes u:v ■ing atnoirt the same .■. sutt i i al] n -. Even !1jic ïias ta'd a "real es! a e b i an," an mworite comöMM aa bh.e people crowd unto the capital. It i- ;t clear I í!ie eaú av:U1 be ar höw bhe, ovtl ■vlll fiiid i te rem Buit this we m:iy saj 1 s s-y fana. 's sem : You have your own tiüe 1 o make. In the oouaitaty you are sure cf{ j .1. You w-ül get What yiu déieivc. Wttiile yor rewarda wül nüb li ; b:illi;uit, yOUir iüiluro Will mot ba ruúaous. Do nofc ijo to the olit-y umieas yo-u are sure tihat th city ïïetils y :i. I{ yiU go tihere v:,ih botihiing to give that tin; eity caves fo:-, yo-u ■wiil iiir.l ytrarself oasb aside. Briaias tiis city wanlbs and %vül pay To" and devoar. Loyalty of Berwüi bs reoog'nized and valued in Iliis worW or aay otliw. Haodwork, puiv and .-.Lmple, witlioat sklll o-r pn !de in ib) eommaittds no pxioe i" tune market. Tliere is ma cliance about ■thiis. Tho results aae eure as fatc. ïf you fo poor things poorly, you wHl always b3 poo-r. AVhat you oaa do, a liuckeb oí coal anid a bucket oí water, e ■ a thdmbliefal o-i lirains vtiil do more effeofcively. Wihen ttoie timp öhiall eome t;iat oacii workman can use b'js b-ains 'to thia bast advaniagE. wc shall have au end to the c pnoblwn. Tb3 itaal amswr to tSbua laJbor problcm is that Shjall solve Lb for himself. A'h,eTL you h.ave solveid the labor )),.hlem for yomraelf aad are rea-dy with, trlie amswer, tbeaiyoa can go to eity, and wtemerror yoa go you will find tibe success you dJese-rve. If all meL waited as you stouldi wait beio:1O rusih,tog to thö cities, we sh'O'iïld' have no problem, uo problem of mum.ilcipal goTOnuneot and notilifing to fear iroaa ttue desertion of the fanas or fro-m tJuo coingesitiloiii of the t-ownis. Laann to do someithilng well. It w,ill miake a maa of you, and wherever 3ie goes, sucli a man wil. find tihat he iö needed.- David S'fcaTr Jo.dlan., in California Advera i e. McCLu: ('.- Magazine ío'r June contiaSins au article om tttue "Revue des deux Momles," wihüttli oï all tlio jour■nals in thi3 wo'rld has proibaMy made tihe deepest impTeaston an politics,, letters and saciety. Thne article is ■vviU.'ieu by "Th, Beratzen" (Madame Blainc), who lLas lonig been a mOm'ber of t'lue staif of thie "Revue," and has kiKj'wai intiimiateiy motst Of thi3 famous comtniibutorss ai;l fchie several odiboffls, brom Buloz, the founder, dowu to th present ediboir, M. Brunetiere, whiO lias juist concliiidisd very tóuccessfuily a coMJirse of leetunee on Frene li liteiiaiure, bra'ore several Amertean collones.


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