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'- , '■' 'L V" ■ ' '■ 'i a bank officers can't pret at fJJBS&mSfötjÊ their own moncy, There ■SS may e tnillions in the safe. ' but if their credit depended g on getting at it in a hurry they would be bankrupt, BÏmply because the combination won'twork. A sick man is in very rauch the same fix about getting at the nourishment he needs to keep him alive. There is plenty of good food at hand, but his digestive organism is out of order; the nutritive "combination" of his system won't work. He can't possibly get at the nourishment contained in the food. He takes it into his stomach, but it does him no good. It isn't made into good blood. He is just as badly off as if the food was lockec. up where he couldn't touch it. He gets no strength or health out of it. All these mal-nutritive conditions have a perfect and scientific remedy in Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It puts the nutritive "combination" of the system into perfect working order. It gives the digestive and blood -making organs power to niake pure, red, healthy blood, and into the circulation abundantly and rapidly. It drives out all bilious poisons and scrofulous germs, cures indigestión, liver com. plaint, nervousness and neuralgia, and builds up solid flesh, active power and nerve force. Mrs. Rebecca F. Gardner, of Graftoti, York Co., Va., writes: " I was so sick with dyspepsia that I could not eat anything for over four months. I had to starve mvself, as not hing would stay on my stomach. I was so badly off I coitld not eat even a cracker. I thonght I waKjioinK todie. I weighed only So pounds. I tried almost everythinti, and nothing did me any ííood. until I took two bottles of the ' Go'den Medical Discovery.1 I am now as well as I e r was, and weigh 125 pounds."


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