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Progress In Victoria's Reign

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"When Victoria was ealled to the tlirone the United Kingdom contained 26,000,000 people," writes Williani George Jordán of "Wliat Victoria has Seen," reviewing, in tlie June Ladies' Home Journal, the world's progress during the sixty years of the Engliah sovereign's rule. "To-day it has over 39,000,000. The 'wise men' of the time said the nation would go to pieces. They claimed it could never govern its home and colonial possessions. Under Victoria the new territory acquired alone is ono-sixth larger ttaan all Europe. To-day Victoria rules over 402,514,000 people, or fcwenty-seven per cent. of the population of the globe. Her Empire extenda over 11,299,316 square miles, covering twenty-one per cent. of the land of the world. The United States, at the time of Victoria's coronation, had only 17,000,000 people ; to-day it has 70,000,000. Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana were then Western frontier States. All our territory west of the Mississippi contained less people thau Philadelphia has today. Our present trans-Mississippi population exceeds in nuinber that of the whole country in 1837. Our territorial área luis incereased seventy-live per cent. ; our National wealth has increased about seventeen liuudred per cent." i


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