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Oswald Ottendorfer

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Among the prospeetive candidates for the mayoralty of Greater New Yorkl hone is regarded with more iaror popu-: larly than Oswald Otendorfer, the veteran journalist. He is the father of i Germán Journalism in America. Mr.i ' Ottendorfer is the proprietor of tliei j New York Staats Zeitung, and has livedi in the United States since 1850. He grew up to young mtiiihood in Moravia, and in 1848 he, with others, attemptedi to overthrow the Metternich government. He held the rank of first lieu-' tenant in the battalion which was commanded by Eobert Blum during the up-! rising in Vienna. He always f retted under monarchie government, and gave all the assistance he could to the popular revolution in Saxony and Baden. His work in that campaign placed his head in jeopardy, and he fled to Switzerland and thence to America. Herehefound employmcnt on the Staats Zeitung, and when Jacob Uhl, the proprietor, died his widow intrusted much of the management of the property to Mr. Ottendorf er. On the marriage of the brilliant Germán with Mrs. Uhl the property of the Staats Zeitung passed into his possession. This was as long ago as 1859, and since that time he has directed the editorial and business afEairs of the greatest Germán paper in America with, striking success. His eminence and importance in this field brought him into contact with, leading men and politicians. He was an alderman in 1S72, and in 1874 was a candidate f or mayor. Mr. Ottendorfer is public spirited and his candidaey would be acceptable to many Greater New Yorkers.


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