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Wood Mosaic Of Sawdust

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In the reports of the Industrial unión mention is made of a new proeess of floor mosaic, says the Yale Scientifio Monthly. Small partióles of wood, as sawdust, wood flour and fine shavings, are treated first with a mixture of shellac and alcohol, and then with a cement made of curd and slacked lime. While this mixture is still damp, it is put into hot molds of the desired shape and size, and placed under pressure. The joint action of the heat and pressure uuite the wood most thoroughly with both the shellac and the cement. Af ter a few minutes the compound is taken out of the molds when it is thoroughly coolel and hardened. Great care is necessar" that no foreign substances, especially of an oily nature, be present, as it would prevent the cement from being absorbed intu tlie pores of the wood. In making different colored mosaie the natural color of the woods used is taken into consideration, then the wooditseif is dyed, and lastly dyes dissolved in alcohol are mixed with the shellac. The proeess is then performed as before. In spite of its hardness this compound possesses all the perf ection of wood, so that it is particularly wall adapted for use as a floor covering in living rooms and private dwellings. An important advantage over all other proeesses of manufacturing mosaic floors is that it is not affected by any change of tempera ture.


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