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The Trolley Buzz

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"Ever hear of the trolley buzz?" said a Brooklyn i-esident whose business is in New York. '"They say that some people who travel regularly on the trolley cars g-et the trolley buzz. You know the sound of the trolley, the bz-z-z-z that begis low and rises gradually as the car increases in speed, keeping a uniform tone when the car is running at uniform speed, and then declining ag-ain as the car runs slower and stopping- when the car stops? They say there are people who travel regularly on trolleys who hear this sound all the time wherever they are, except when they are asleep. They e-all this having the trolley buzz. "I never had the trolley buzz, but the trolley cars sometimes do me a great deal of good. They cure me of headache. I work here all day, keeping very busy, and sometimes when I start home at night I have a hard headache. I g-et into a trolley car and take a seat over one of the axles. They say that no electricity gets into the car, but I imagine there must be more or less of it in the air. I know there is somethingthere that cures my headache. I sit down in the car with the headache bad; I get down from it after a ride of about three miles, feeling bright and fresh and with the headnche gone."


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