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In works of mineralogy it is learned that there is such a product as natural coke, but so far as known there has but one deposit of this commodity been f ound in the United States, and this was in the vicinity of Riehmond, Va. Although the cfeposits of coal in Utah are immense in their proportions, it was never dreamed that among its commodities of trade and commercí the state could boast of beds of this natural coke, but such is the case, however, and the Salt Lake Herald is informed that a short time ago a vejn of this coke had been discovered in a section of the country about 140 miles south of this city, and within 15 miles of a railroad. Tliis deposit erops oijj on the surface for soine distance, and a 25 to 30-foot tunnel has diselosed a body of coke that is all of five feet in width, and there is every reasou to believe that with depth the size of this deposit will increase. In quality the coke is all that could be desired, and at the assay ofBces atwhich it has been tested the statement is made that it is a pure article, and that it is even superior to the manufactured coke, as it is entirely f ree f rom sulphur, bitumen, and that it gives out no smoke when burned, and makes less ash than the manufactured article. The new find, which is eonsidered as being among the most valuable that has been made in the state, is owned and controlled by ex-Mayor E. N. Baskin and several other Salt Lake gentlemen, who have located 640 acres in the immediate vicinity of the discovery.


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