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Forget Their Change

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A man a State street books;tore, made several small purchases, threw down a dollar bilĂ­ to pay f or them, and as soon as his packag-e was handed to him turned to go out. The clerk called after him, says the Chicago Times-Herald. "Hi, there! Don't you want your change?" .and he handed the customer the best part of his dollar. "That haiipens every day," said the clerk, "and we give quite an amount at the end of the year to eharitable orgunizations from the fund created by change that has not been called for. It seems as if customers hare only one idea, and that is to get their goods and go away," "Do they ever come back for tha change?" "Very rarely, and then it is always for change that was left somewhere else. I often wonder how s'uch people get through the world. And another funny thing is, the customer never seems to expect the change when we offer it to them, that is after he has forgotten it. You saw how that man looked when we called him back - just as if I was icaking him responsible for some other man's mistake. It takes all kind of people to make a world."


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