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Ann Arbor Railway Connections - S'Lnce adopting its new train BcheUule, the Xrrn Raüraa.dJ ma.kes lmmedikite oomuectiioins Tvitli ofher Unes on its mornimg iirains for Moni'oe, Pomtiac, Grand) Ra.pil, loniïi, Manifftee aad Tróvense Citty ; on lts nitcnuomi tnams for Tontáiac, Lan. (ii-.nia EapidB, Iania, Saglnaw, Bay CSity and Flinit. The moimlng tiiains make goid' connections ïor Artiian, HHledale, Manduester, Muekeg'otu, Petoskej-, Bay Vle-w and Mackind-w City. SouttL boaimd tiraLus mate cannecticji.-; -witüi, all lidies out of ToilcdiO. . The boats crossing Lake Mic.liigan conikect wüih north bound train t;hiw,g-h Ann Arbor at 8:4=3 a. m. foor all westeni and jiarbliwe-stern poiat.s. Pivo lnindi'eili mllcbooks on salo for $10 ; 1,000 mlle ïamily books g-O'CHl for 2 yeaans, lor $20. E. S. GILMORE, Agt. Free Pilis. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free samplo box of Dr. King's New Life Pilis. A trial wlll convince you of thelr merits. These pilla are easy In action and are particularly effective In the cure of Constipation and Slck Headache. For Malaria and Llver troubles tliey have been proved Invaluable. Tliey are guaranteed to ba jierfectly free from every deleterloua substance and to be purely vegetatable. Tliey do not weaken by thetr action, but by glvlng tone to stom ach and bowels greatly Inviaorate the system. Regular slze 25c. per box. Sold by The Eberbach Drug & Chemleal Go., and Geo. E. Heau&sler, ManI chester.


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