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A Knight Of Renown

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The X:r-'.iYj!le, Te.nm., B-epouter eloses an exteftdied artdtele lescript:ve of tina mero 8:20,000 Castte Hall of Jo A. Battle loflge KirJg'ats oí PytMafi iin tlhat city, with che ioltowiimg very iaudate-y remarks rele ia Mr. W. E. Bay-nie, a tonner Aun ATborfilte : ■' taicaanb&nt op-on us to retor to Joel Bafttle'a great yt'.: nPtewpist. substantdal and lib&ral bene(nctioT, W. R. Bayme. He SB an en'.istic, energetii', aiil most earncsi vo:ker iia ad-suncdcig rythiaaiism. Mr. Eayne fe a yoaung ma.11 and very propalar. He hias ma.ny frteodfl und a proimiaiing futuire. H Is a mau of culture, wiiie erudVtioa, and rare litera ry atrtainments. Joel Battle uiaaniilniously ioxdoirsed and supported tim f ar an cffioe in fine1 Grand Liodge ; Bt, Js needliess to say lus was eleoted. He wUl miake, an excelleab oificer. Joel Battle's magnfiiLcön edülce Is destjaed to stand for ages1 as a mranumieinit to tbje unbi"iiig ef forte, eneTgüie?! Talma:ble support, aaS asstótamoe glien towand tito erectiön and equippinj,: ttolsioMe building by Bro. Payme.


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