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The Epworh League

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al bhj noriKial meeting; ol . 'n1 Bp■vnorth League, hield Sumilay evenJng al bhe M. B. ciiui-ch, vlie otfx-crs iwere .-iilfiL por tin' ye&r, ancl a very-jinteresting: prograjn earried out. AnTOiig other ttitoga were lwo extremol.v iwterestdng addrespes. One by Keír. Dr. McElPOy, t'Jie oüBjer by Dr. Boy S. Copelaold, of ïllie UnEíversíty. In part Dr. Copeland spoke as follows : "It is like carrying coals to Newoastle to try to teil anything new about the Epwortli League to a company of leaguers. lt ocpui's to me }'ou may be interested in the general management anl growtb ie young giaut. lts affaire are direeted by the board of control, composed of 29 members. Fifteen of them one of whom shall bo :i Bishop, are appointed by tlie Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal chui eb. ïlie Bishop is ex-officio president of the league. The other tourteen members are chosen, one (rom eacli general conference district. The board of control meet twice in each quadrennium. The last nieeting, early in this year, was liehl in the city of New York and the next one will probably be held in San Francisco. The Board itinerates with the idea of carrying inspiration to different parts of the country. In the interim between sessions the cabinet officer, choseu b}' the board, conduct the affairs of the le'ague and act as sort of executive committee. Various offices are filled by the board of control. The most important in the genera] executive offices, the general secretary. As you know Dr. E. A. Schell is the present, official secretary. lie lilis the office obligingly and well. The colored work in the South demanded so maeb extra labor of different nature that the last general conference authorized the appokttment of an assistant general secretary to care for this field. At the recent meeting of the Board of Control a brjlliant young colored layïnau was chosen for this great woik, Mr. Irving Penn. Eiglit years ago the 6th of May the Epworth League was organized in Cleveland, Oliio. For a very short time leagues feit lonesome. But how this body has grown to a great anny of about a million and a half. With the Junior League there are almost two million of youug people marehing under the Methodist banner. Michigan is particularly fortúnate in an Epworth League way. Withifl our linea is President, Bishop Xiude, than vvhorn there is not a better loved and more highly respected person in all the church. His presence comes as a benediction. ïhen, too, a member of the Detroit Conference, Dr. Berry, is the editor of the Epworth t Herald, that successful journal with a circulation larger than any other religious journal in the world. At a reception recently given to Bishop Merrill I notice that Dr. Berry responded to a toast in which he seemed ot attribute all the Bishop's greatness to the fact that he was once a church editor. If I may be allowed to propliesy, I think I eau see that another not a thousaud miles from the Herald's sanctum will be in the Episcopal choir within seven years. So far as I am concerned I shall not be sorry to witness the promotion of tuis uoble cbristian. In Michigan is the only Epworth League railroad in the world. It is not a mighty system but is a trunk line from Ludington to Epworth Heights, a distance of five miles. Michigan has the largest local chapter in Methodism - not the largest membership, but the greatest average attendance. That chapter is our own Ann Arboc chapter. By the way, do you know that Michigan is a great state? From Detroit to the tip end of the Upper Península is alinost as far as from Detroit to New York City. When I said there were nearly two millious of leaguers, we had no conception of the number. Should these younjr people Stand with outstretched aruis and touching finger tips, they would make a Btnng long enough to follow the Michigan border froniMonroe to Michigan City, up Lake Michigan to the Straits, along the Wisconsin line to Lake Superior, back along the -.outhern shore of tliat inland sea to Mackinac, across tlie Straits, skirting the shore of Lake Hurou, around Saginaw Bay and back to Monroe. ïhere woukl still be left enough t make a doublé bow-knot reachiog clear over to Toronto, where we II want to go tliis summer to tlie International Convention. Tliis great arm y is marching on keepi 11 lt in mi nd the motto: 'Look Up, Lift Up." It is looking toa time when all tlie world shall be christiauized and striving to lift up to its standard all mankind, lts aim now is to make the world nominally christian and wlien that sliall have been accomplished it will labor, with Grod'g help, to make every professiiiir christian an actual one. The world for Christ is the cry of the Epwortb League ! "


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