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Palmer Westfall Med a:. hJ home la Imu, Jims l'. Tlwi P O. ;i;? i ■:■■ are all aspii anís Btlll. Oiííard Kendall 1 'ít S'.iarou Bor MijtuneapoUs, Mi Eoíen Kraft oí Freedom, lias gone ■i , si . .i :;i' to work. Geo:g;' C. Moore, of AVluittaktr ís rulai'g-ing Wb íarm barn. Ih-ury "Waltere, Jr., rea!öB wliUi pa-rentB at "Yiii ba '■ TJaa W. E. O. al Maanctoesl " ai'e PM , :■ annoial lair. A ■ ti iis to be glven liy tite G-range al J.i.n.i, Jane 18. Mr. and Mrs. Cillas. Hammond oí Wibiifttaker bare a. uaug-liter, Jame 1. ]'■-; tojured Uie potato, eorn and fruit erop in Lodi a.iKl viciuity week. Fiarmeis, clean line rye aat oï your whcai rislds, yju cau't mak nioney i .;■-'..■. :cii- Allry jias (.jmmenced 'liie erec'tüon oí lus oew house in Dexter mili la g-e. "WUuat is sa nai'6 as a day íji June?"- Dexter LeaÜear. For -rare" road "naw." Tliie wliicifttlebeiry orop, iit is tsakl, pramiseú well iin Uhe western part of the corinty. Mise AVebb lias beea ciiosen presioí tiio Saline high school alumni .-- j'..i i iom The Cong-regatjionial oliiwch in Dexter, i io be ttaroughily repaired and ren-ovated soon. 'T. S. Jamas has soid iiis stock of hardware in Dexter no Frank G. Boie-., of XashvMlo, Mich. Thie pailnters are being kept busy by hiomse and proper t y owmers in Dexter rUlage tMs spring. G-eocgd Barkluardit was conim;ssin("1 ;is poabmasber flor Satënus last Th'ursdïiy Juaie 3d. Mu-. Aulls of Bráülge water, iö rebuildfinig the barn on hls aria, recently dlestnoyed by fiase. Th.e Lcimb WSre J :; a new iii;Iii-i:y - ed at Teeumseli, wÜfcli a capital of $50,000. The Jour towns ,■ at Saline rillage, talk of farming a lib:-ary ayjn, says tilie Observer. The Salino L. O. T. M. gálre an ice ■lal at tlhe Harmon Xlo-use to-marrow, Tlmrsday eTientag. ïw-j or titu'i' ' oj out ti iciiera w431 atfcend tilie sumnier saf.ijol at Anai Arbor this Etexter Ieader. Tlue hicn-se of Torn McNamara, of Ghielsea, taok tilie se-cond money at tac Brooklyu races last week. The Maccabees amd Iidy Maccabees of Dexter are to hold a páamic at Iücketi's Grove, Öa'tartoy Jumie 12. Lafayette Grange,, of Lima, meets to-mcHiTow, June 10, the subject ïor o!icussicin being "Poitato Culture." A Clinton Co. ïarmer advertfees fOT a wife. ilitót ba 3u.nd ia body, nou over 55, color of uo consequemce. A F. Freemaa, af JJancHuester, '. g'Oing Into piscatorial luxurL:.-. 3Ë1B latesi a ):■■■ r w híni fust launciLed. . G. J. Nfeely, pnesJctettut oi ;aline :,llage lraa called tohis ai,;l au asis;ant, G. J. Jir. He arriv, d Last Tinur.sday A man recemtly 1 ■■ i .1 well, of whom it is s:ikl ■'he ffiöver awpireil to politdöal dtetinction." He Is dead now. A Mi;iivM,v featffivial aiud Ciii'ldren's Day are a ooimbiina,tiiioii to bewarked on Jane 18, at. Liinna ïown Hall. The Biïterp.riiio is Kroging W 'uear tihe sweet oaduce oí the hand organ, DKxac tiaviüng siimvii up the'.'o 'h spiönlg. Prof. 1'. L. Inig-raüiiaiu 3el3yP6d au eloqueiii Memorial Day tdüress to i'.he oíd BOlcUtepa and p&ople gatfaered at Azalia. BOT. A. J. Hu'tahiins, oi Cliiuuton, wiïi pa-eaoh at the Baptist churen, MauEihe.ster, every Sunday, at 3 p. na., nereaïter. T1L3 luwd ma.n ai Onsou Beeinau, oí Sylva.n, decaemped witüi $70 ta cn-a a few evüubv-js fciince, while the famlVly wero away. On SuiMiay evenliig' nest, June 13, ut Syhian Centro, the cantata of ■'Hearts of Gold," will be g-iivieii in celebratilüii of Oiiildren'3 Day. Prea C. AVlieeler will be the iiext piostmaster at Solein, liaviing been iuomliioated thereioir by Co'ngressman Spialdilmg. He will mnke a good oae. The clo'simg exerejses of tJie BChool in tihe Katner dlist., Bridgciwater, lauglit by lites GiocMlell, on Fxiiday ■of last week, were greatly enjoyed. The last meetiing of the Webster toivn Iiteawy (Society i3 to be. held on Fróiday Juno lltíi witlh Mr. and Ijatson. IHeks tiold the farmers mat to plant onrr. befoire the 26t,h. of May, and e v!o (lill ,so haw had the job to ag;a2n in this Botioii. On J'ria.-iy evenámig, June lltli vne es' Sooierty of the Crerimauo Lu,1.11 oliurch wjll h )ld a social at the home of Jaoob Jedele, isi Dexter. The supervisor oí Freediom chronicles In the county archives 16 deatto, and 25 1) -ais townshilp diaring the year 1S9G. Some got .away. The ledige ol tlue order of the Colranbüan. League hias been i'anned at Mancheslei', "vitli Jacob Blum as comm.-inilcr, and M. M. IHinckley, proYOSt: Members of the jaalor class of tlie Ohelaea rifeli School wfU jiresemb the play "The Stoleia AViill," at tiua opera house to thiat place, cturimg this mtiuith. The Narh.T41lE eoiiidfeiDsery I k íiled a trust mortigage lor $55,000. The farmers are wreüjttovs to the aniaanft of $8,000.- Ply■nKvitth Mal. e buailaess of tböP. O. at Bekert, tn Freeöom, having quadrupled durimg tdi,2 year, a diaily mail has bsen o-rdered ïrom Briidigewater, commeocImig June lst. The Siiockbnidge Sum is 13 yaa-rs olO Say, t.hat nuimber- ibuit nevex minid there are mütigating eirciimsfcaacee sometimes - and 13 don't alv. ■■ay.s baoldoo. Herbert Eeivey, of Sbarom, is eredI with plantinigi nine acres of coni I,a six hou'ra, witr.i lian-.L pteuateM- Oating a planter in each hand. That tity liv-Bly work. Hom. H. 11. Pattomgiill, of Uansing, is to delivier the oo-mm anee ment addiress at M'itou ta-morraw, Thursday 'evümLng. The Ann Afboa Mandolín Club. funifelhes music. The commencement exercLíe.s of 'the Ti.:,'-i,l: school at Moorevfille, were of musual imt.erest this yoai", 'ühe oration of Lewls Forsybh on "Capital ame Labor" be'iing oí especial interest. Mrs. L. II. Ilulbent, oT Sh,aron, (6 "Eakimg batlis at Ypsilantii, ío;r rtueiunart iism. It is hiopöil by her many l'rk-iid's'that' thie baiths will lielp hor, and that shíe may retuirai tome beÍOTe lony. tu improvvd heaJth. Twio oí the Bloc treumpe taken to MouiKe last week on suspMon Ou beling implioated in t.he lioldup at the depot were bound over {or trial in tJic Scjitomber term of tiie oiircuit court ao M'cnroe last Friday. - Hilan leader. Miauter Walter, oí Lhiia oaijy sbc yaara af ag, anidi living at ' a d'isbance af ome and tilwee-quarterB rolles fnoin the scliaolhouse-, luis . a sctaol for the past ufcue nnoritibS: ivitihout mfesdng a single cteiy.- Chelsea ni. Tlie Duiiiideo íaiir assooiaüou Btlll oves Mis Halftde Oallta eleven ílrst wemiumg ou painifcïngS exkibiteú at tbeiir ïadc last year whtah they claim wiiiL afcher premiums, they caauiot tio pay.- ïowii lílae coi1. Milán Leader. I, D. AY.aiknis oí Mancfcesteir, read i paper l,'H)'-e tli.e tiuite 1'iC'iieer and HïstardioaJ Soctety at Laneing tast liíLUTscíay mem thé "Destrucibton of the Foresta oí Michigan." He was liso made a menibeí' of ilie Hiatorlrcal co:mm:. The edi'tor oï the Sun ■.!! ok hands wiütfc Daniel Tietoeinior, oí Chels&a, uow 95 yeare oí age. Fot many yearê h e resüded in. Watiêxlioo'.' Vuele Daniel looks aa tllio migh't live to ba a liuadred Hu is quïte weU and stno vs-- S i'Ockbrild'e S lui. Tiie receirt clibsJinB of e school to dis't. Nio. 8, Brliagieiwatr, tanght by Misa Juliia KineMuoffefT, was ome of the ftaeafc afiaJlre of tto kiinl over üeld ia tihie diistrtet. The program was a ii excellení oue, anidi developed muoli traJitting aiidj work oa tabs part oí tihe teacihier. Las week t.lie Ooiisrifer puibMettued au .■.nile relaitóve tJOi ttoie necessüty of [miers deamimg tito rye froin tlieir nat fields, if tlney. desüred to reoe&ve a gao'd prtoe ios tliietr) -wlieait. Whieat ba ving rye mixed iii witli it, makes black iloar, aa.l aa a consequente suiöhi grak wjill sel! for only il,e prico of rye. Abvaliam Liosióir'd, of Howell, dted reoeinitly at liis borne to iliat city, aiged 77 years. "öncde Abe" as be was fam:lia:ly kn ara tio ilowell people, was ttua Ölrai calored' man ■tbe wriïer oí tM3 over saw, aadi foa1 anany yeaira lie n.ii.l J'.s amily weire tlie onjy ootored people in Howell. He was a Jully olil Boal, aad a geaera! favuiiiö witiii. everybody. I'eace to hiü aslies. Hamburg seems tío be ïtiested wüta a gainig of burglars, vrino are beut on gétittog whlate-se" of wealth tliey can break :,;i a; ; sbsal. X i iES3 ;lian two mpta bare beett manie Ij raïfl the . Artpor depot abtttnat place wiithim a week piast. Tu i ■■; tihiean wei. e eaughib at their nöfartoa3 work last JTi-iday njgihrt,, tut eiseaped bafore a shot coüld ba ííPOd at thejn.- Howell Hcrald. At St. Mary'.s Beobary Tuesday evonüiig June lst, 1897, at 8 opdoek Geo'-'ge r. S'balfan au 1 Miss Mae Wooü both weU known soaiety people of [sea were jotaed in nuarriage by tJie Ilev W. I aamaldOae, reobor oí St. Jlary's cJiaicli. Mesars. lidward McKioine and Herury Wood and the KatO Stalfaai Blanche Cole atten-ded tli,e happy co'uple.- Cbelsea Herald. l'atr:,L-k Ftemming oí Etexter town'.!Íl),.one oí thie well known pkmeeis of t,he coiuWty, wto (KilmI om the 21st uit., was bom in Ireland1 Aug. 15, 1822. He worked for tlko M. C. E. E. 03.. irom 1845 ix 1848. He He went t3 ':i 1 :l :■■: ji :■ i in 1850, and irema.iiïed ior foui yaars, accumulatïirtg quito a fortun. In 1856 lie went BLga.Ha., but retuirneid. as eoon as iiie could iïc'11 W-H mlinJng interesas 'tliere. A cural edülbor, mu íar away, liad a Ixieycle item ilu' 3iis paper wlüch : Hhat ".Mis.s lo'o-ked ciuarmlng :in ber sh' Cl Bklft," but in setting the iltem, ti e laijiu-ii o ran outo au "h'1 wMöh liad st.ay.-il imo th9 "k" b-ox, wli-iKsh by dr.' way is a peculiar amioyance wi0 all have t;o put up w:Uh, and this poor editor lost 13 subserib&rs before tho ink om life edilion dry.- I'lymoutih .Uail. Sucli thiïiigs uüiKüly work tfne otiher way. WilllSam Karl Kleiiu died ait thfi lióme of bit pare'iL't.s In Sajtoe Mon■diay oif last week, aig'ed 32 years and G monltte. He blad beau in ill health Tor smne tilme bis oase a peculiair ome whiich greatly puzzle'd the dfOGbOTB. SiO'me moiMibs sluce be was ítaken to iVnu Arbqr amdl operated upom ior appemóÈBct'tte. This only iili.eved liím fo.r a tiïne anid soiO'n af'ter bis returu hiome he beganj t' grow agaLn. Afbel" bis tteath a close examiraatton slvo'wed) a. cberry pit lodlged ia ana of the smaller intestimes wkSoh had produced iuflainmatïon. - Stiajidiai-d.


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