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CAN CURE ASTHMA AND HAY FEVER. A Noted Physician Offers to Prove This to all Sufferers in Ann Arbor Tlue majeur1;' af euíferers from Astlhmía 'and kiindred oomplaiints, aiter trying doctors and nmtíberless remedie advert ised as positive cures without avail, have come tflie conclusión bhiac tkere is no cure tor this most ddistressimg disease, and tlhiese eama poi'íious will be tlie more in doubt and skeptxal when tkey leam througb ttoie columns of tihe presa that Dr. Rutfolpli ScMíímann, the recoguized apthjcwity who has treated more case of thieso diseases tiha.n any living doctor, lias aohieved success ly perfect" ing a reinedy wliich nofc only givos immediate relief ia tlie worst cases, but bas posiitively cured thousands of sulferers wbo were coms6dered incurable. These Hvere just as skeptical as some of our readers now are. Dr. SchÜlmann'ii remedy no diOubt-possesses th meri't wMtoh Ís elalmed for It or h would njot authorize tlüs paper to anmonuce that Ihe is a,ot only willlng to giTe f ree t)O eacli person sufferimt Tiom Asthma, Hay TTever of Broadhiitis h tihis city, one liberal "free trial b,ox" of nils Cure, but urgently i'equests all sufferers to cali at Goodye'ar's Drug Store, Ann Arbor, witfata tjie next tfhree days and receive a package absolutely free oí rJiarge, knowing ttoat tn making the claim lue does for his Cure, a strong doubt ntay arise In 'bine minds oí ínany and tliat a pers'anal test, as he offers to all, will be more con-viöcing, and prove its merits, tlian the publlshlng of thousands of tstlmomials from peraoos Tvho have been permanently cured by the use oí luis Asthma Cure. "Dr. Seíhiitffmaim's Asthma Cure," as lit lis called, lias been sold by drugglst of thís ejty everslnce it ivas flrst lntroduced, altbough many persons may never have heard oí it, and. It Ís wtth a view reacMiwr the=e that he makes thia offeT. This la certalnly a mos+ generaras and fa.!r offer, and all who arO eufferilng froim. amy of th above complaínts tfhould remember t%e date and place wTiere the dtetriíution will be made, arid avall themselves of the same. Persons living out of thls city who deslre to test the effücacy of tWs most wondertul remedy will receive a package frea by writiing to Dr. Rchiffmium, 330 Rosabel street, St. Paul. Minn., prorldiing thelr letter Is recelved beforo Oct. l(5th, as no free samples can ba obtahied after that date. LESS TUIN ONE CENT EAGH RARE CHANCE Sïg SSsnc.rAbers 156 FOR $1.50 Au arrangement just made with Tbe Detroit Free Press makes it possible for us to save some money for every reader wbo takes advantage of this opportunity. We undertake to furuish THE ANN ARBOR COURIER AXD THE TWICE-A-WEEK Detreit Free Press Both ONE YEAR for S1.5O. 1b Wch-M Free Press Is tlie Best Püssilile Substitnte for a Daily Paper. l'uMislicil on Tuc sday nml Kridav Mornings in time to catcli the Earlj Traiim. All the Latest News up to the time of uohi: to press. Complete Hsrket Kcports in each Isssue. All who caniiot ■■et a Daily should Subscribe for this Ideil Newspaper The Free PreRs is offerlnK Premiums at S]M'ciil Low Rates to Subscrlbers, and you can easlly save tlie cost oí both papers by takiiiK advautage of THE MAJÍY BARGAIJÍS OFFEBED. WRITE THEM FOK A SAMPLE COPY. In Ko üther Way ('an ïou (iet As Much For S Littlo 3Ioney. SUBSCRIBE NOW. DO NOT DELAY. Free Farm Labor Bureau. In order t,o asslst the thousands of unemployed men in Chicago, the Workingmen's Home, at 42 uustom House Place, has establlshed a Free Labor Bureau, and is prepared to furnish men to farmers and others in all parts of the country without expnse to ei Uier. Bmployers applving shnuld state deflnitely os to the -kind of work, waes to be paid, and If railway rare will be advanced. Address, Labor Burkatj, Wobkikgmen's Hojie, 42 Custnm House Place, Tal. Harrison 2J3. Chicago, 111. Barrel Salt at Wholesale and Retail. GET OUR PRIGES. DEAN & CO., 44 SOUTH MAIN STREET 52-3ml7 i


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