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HYSTEEICS. Womon Should Understand Thia Strange Nervotis Derangement. A Svmptom of Something Far More Serieus- Mrs. Jtej-ris, of Braver Spring, Relates Mit Experlenoe. G'ho spasm at top of wind-pipe, or in bronchial tubes, the " ball riüing in the throat, " violent beatiiig" of the heart; laughing and crying by turns ; muscular spasins; jO. ing the arms aboat, f'rih etc. teli of a derangement of ""-"-l','C-'i_c--s J'j'lfl j Any female N-.vf'w-vj - complaint may f produri' --Kt terics, which - fSmk must bo ; "" k I U gai'ded as a k 7 v symptom 1 . x I T only. The j I e,what- j I ) may be 5- 'jSV' quiekly ':"?Srcíij3Jv to _,y(!ia E. Pinkham's Veirotable Compound. lt acts at once uxon the organ affeited, and the nerve centers ; removes the cause, and dispels elïectually the Kymptoms. Mrs. Barris relates lier esperience for the benefit of othors. "I had been siek with ulcera tion of the womb, causing1 all kinds of disagreeabie experienees, such as irritability, sleeplessuess, faintness, and at times hysteries. My pliysiciaii said it was the worst case he ever had. My bacli; ached, leucorrhisa very profuse, and 1 had a severe bcari 11 g-down pain. The physicians thought I should never recover, and as the lust remedy, they procured your Vegetable Compound. I had not taken more than one-fourth of a bottle, bef ore; 1 mus nioie comfortable. I continuad its uso, also the Sanatire Wash, and Liver Pilis. After usiug four bottles, I was alle to be out, and do almojst all my work. I think the Vegetable Compound is the only medicino that will cure female complaints, and it will reach the worst cases in a, very short time. I know it saved my life." - Mes. M. Bakris, Beaver Falls, Fennsylvania. Alldruggists.


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