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Th.c Slurïy Club wtll np!fc meetf any itiw untU next fall. Water taken to tlue nuiuber Of 3G0 are yet ia debt for water rates. F. T. Newton and iamily from Lansinig are niew oom ars to thte city. N. B. PorkiSns hias gioin to Fargo, N. Dak., flor a stay of souve ïnonili. A picnic is to be hield; here by tihe Grana United Order of Odd Fellows on July 4. Thie next EecöJal at the öonservatory will be oa June 15, by Mise Oari'ie Haiglut. Thie tbreo niew piianios recently or'dered ïor the ívarmial Comservatory luavE arriveü. Geo. Shiemnan, w-hio lias be&n teaching scihiool down ín Georgia, lias reu.iiii-d hiome. Mlamag-er Byepw is alroady boofeing ïirst-elass attractiione for the opera liOiise for nielxt saasoiu. OO'mpaiay ( wi'll bs I by la&peetior Gtemea-ial Oase and Capí. Gardner U. S. A., Jume 21. ■Jír. and Mrs. Eim.ory Bical will live u tlh,e nat 0'V-e.f his drug store, whicli liae been fHitedi up for tEiem-. ('lins. E. HeiMl'ríck and Mies Ida L. Moag were marrled a;fc Uawsonville .1 hik: 9. They wtll llvre at Ishpemíiíg. B. I. Fray lia.s boughlb tJie Hall piioperty on AVashÉaigtoii st., and is movötng life family t.lne-retO1, from Xottaway. Mlise Rose Engel and' Albert Esslingr, Uofch. olí tliiis city were married last "VVedinesdiay, and expeafc ta live hi Chicago. Tlue Boyal Aroaaum paid to Mi's. Geoirge Shi&r $3,000 last week, tihe air'Oiiunt of policy caried by lter late huisband in that arder. Al! tihe stiores ia tlxe city wlll close up on Frïday fiiO'm 1 to G p. m., to ertïptoyers an opport.untty to attemd the bkycLo races. Tliie commencemeiit oi" the Higli Solaool is to ba held a.o tha II. E. charch Jume IS, and an alumni banquet limmeödtatiely afbea: the exercises. lliss Graoe Jones, wluo was attend-ed the sohiO'Od for the Deaf and Duinb at Fluit, for sevienal years, is JuO'nie from thcre, liavinig graduated froin Chiat institutioii. Il i,s statcd Bub i' yo-u know, ttot IlO'n,. Jabez Wartley has aai ambithou to succeefd tihie IIosi. A. Oampbell as senator tvvo years toenee. But Jackon oaunty may want it. Tine SeiuJuil fflioda faulo widii Henatoi 0ami[3ibeirs wuirse iiu tihie legisla uiii'e. bot toimmeiiDdö tlluat otf Beprosoiiila.iive Campbell. The Sentiuiel ovadetnltly believes thiat tihere is a (iSfference ki Camip'bells. Kverybody v ;m tiheilr be-.-it girl and tl.eli wlitjels art especi'ally tovlted t iiiu-nu the met liere on Thursday iind Friday, June 10 and 11. Prooee(fa tu go toward constructlng a bicycle piath to Ann Arboir. Come and lielp the go-od soheme along. I'ellec nained Evians of Ypsilanti hias ilnveniteid a oontrtvance wbereby 35 p-oiuods oí ice amd less tJian 10 oenits wortih of cluemifoals will pixj'duce a frcigidi'ty in an ice bax, equaj, to the oondtoliiy extstlng between Graver Cleveland amd Dave HM1.- Adriau Press. A party of ten ladilM, incliiding JUrs. Judge Bab'Wtt, Mrs. 1'. W. Oarpenter, Mrs. Guea-an, Mrs. Hoifman, M;s. Baad', Mrs. Lathroip and O'Uurs wnni id An:i ArWoir last AVednesday (.riiiiig to atibend tb Bastem Star nii'i'i me aiwl eiitertiaininent. Tliey all report a jolly ;ooá tjme II took two clwirches to jiold the . d Asii.o attended thO animal meetSms o; tto Y. W. C. A. Suittdlay evenfing. the M. K, and ttoe Baptist cliucches ba'uiDg use-Ci Sot the purpose. Mrs. Waod-Alten Of Aan Arbor, ad-il -Liui audiemoe il tihe Baptist clur.'ch, aml' made a mosb excelleiiit tialk. , Tihe nacke't of a coiraiulbjal roiw on ''YairtoloSiu Terrace," Ypsilaaitj, bnoulgiht a peacemalceir froon t)hO outBdidte, whio was pndnipUy sfliot. at and hit over thO heaid! wdlfch the gum, and ijiimediiately wnjt off satisfied tliat tJie initerieremce of fon'eiign poiwerrf in a dtonies'tiic Dcrap, was bad iliplotniacy. - Adnïa.n Press. Offise of the Norma.! studente migllit bettieir ba studyiing orfchioigraphy than tlio nationial game. Hls ohalking oï t;he walks wirli aai aninouncecnient of a game b&'twiceui tlie Nocmal team ad tJie U. of M. "PTOffessioDals" displaycid a lack oí care that may soine time affect his chiaaees "proffessioalomally."- Sen'twicl. Misa .Toscplü'ne Beasoa, oí Pincknej-, a sbenograpiher at tina capítol lnas bia3 hor ealary raised from $3 to $4 per flay. -Vt xiir. si ite Normal Coüeg ;J Mas b re i lecessary to diiSniiKS One oif thio toaeluers in the i raittrfng sctool in ordor to get along o;i llhe appropniiattoDi; allow-e'd by ti! legisl-ature. It erviüemítly ma-kes a ■e a personiií empltiyed ty tba sbate. Mftss Raaaoni's kookI all rtgflitt. Buít tas MI i me of tilie lady twaclbetr ab Ypsils all wrong, Sor tlua saivool ]]■: seryices. TEACHERS FOP. '97"98. Tluo Iioard! oí E(luciatio,a has completefl Us liufc of teíaciiei-s in. the putolio ec(h,o-ols Vh& cfty", Lor next year, ■wihlkih is viven 1);l,iv wüth ealaries of each : Higih Schjaol - AuBtdm Gcp'.'Sí', Bup"t, $1,800. A. R. Crájtítemdeai, pfíncipal, Spl.OOO. Heien A. Rice, precoptrese, $800. DeF,orest Boss, scíiemce, $800. rl'nc Wildon, mrtth., $500. Kato O. Am,old, háotory and Ivatfn, $450. i lluttie Culver, EngH'Mi and matiicínattos, $425. Kate Ohieiny, ransic anfl drawing, $500. Giammar Grades - Ella Spencer, $425. Belle Kennedy, $375. CnriLc llaveiM, $400. IiUtaa Sclilee, $400. Myrtelle D. AVoítley, $350. Emma Holbrooik, $350. Prjmxary Grades - Estella Baker, $375. Mina C. Bordüie, $375. Maude Fuaser, $400. JMliav. Badus, $400. Anua lícito ugall, $350. Lucm D&nsm'Ore, $375. i SbeHy, $375. Carrie Bead, $400. ICstelle Oollins, $350. Altee Befitai, $350. Ajimia Cha)mrs, $450. 00MMBNCBMENT AT THE NORMAL. Thie ïollffwimig Í3 tihe general pro g-ram for coanmemceiaetnit, -week at the State Nwinial : Suniday. Jtme 20- Meetáing oí the Stiideuts' Oliiristian Associiation, 3 p. m. Bacc a lauréate sea-mam ty Eev. B. K. Whiaataa, 8 p. mi r( Düday, Juoe 21- Oomservatiocy recital, 9 a. m. jTimiboT CLass Day exercises, 2:30 p. ni. ' iNbraia' Oiuaiir eoiacerb, S"p. tQ. Tuesdáy, Jime 22- OanBeffVatoiry Co mínenteme ni, 9 a. m. . Sensor lay exea-otees, 11 a. m. B'.ur.ion of fo'-nier classas, 2:30 p. m. Alumni meetinig, 8 p. m. Wé&nesday, Juaie 23- Ooinmencemriít Exercifees, 9 a. m. -Tiiic Teíaoher's Baffrgmard!," by Proi. R. M. "Wenley, Oí liic rii;:vc:-s.L'iy oí


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