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Road Book Of The Michigan Division, L. A. W.

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Af ter months of hard work, the new roadbook of theMirlugau DivisionL. A. W. is now ready for distribution, and the committee are mailing tliem out 'ast as possible to those who did not get a road book last fall. It is the most complete and thorough road book ever issued by the Michigan División, and, in fact, by any other división. It is simple in style and handsomely bound, and contains 130 pages, gi ving 223 routes in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Canada and Pennsylvania, ranging in distance fromlO to Ö71 miles in lengtii and covering over 10,000 miles of road and passing fchrough and connecting 928 cities, tmvns and villages. ïhe routes out of the state are well known and popular long distance tours, such as from Detroit to Niágara Falls, Buffalo to New York City, Ontonagon to Chicago, Grand Rapids to Cincinnati, Detroit to Cincinnati, Jackson to Pifctsburg, Port Iluron to Niágara Falls, etc, etc. ïhe pían of the book is unique, as it givea wel] known long routes and arranges so that all towns in the state can connect on to them. In fact, a wheelman can make an entire circuit of tlie state froin any oint, either east and west, north and south, diagonally or in a circle. There are also many other features, such as a list of League hotels, both in Michigan and in the towns out of the state through which these routes run, whicli give discounts of from 10 to 30 per cent to L, A. W. members ; a list of local consuls located in the various cities and towns. who always stand ready to furnish traveling wlieelmen with any information they desire or extend to them other courtesies. The bicycle ordinances of the various cities are also given, so a wheelman may know what to expect. Also, alarge lithographed map, in colors, of the state, giving all the main roads, towns, etc. In additional to all this, there is mach other useful information for the touring cyclist. The book is given free to new L. A. W. members, and to othérs sells for $1.50. EDWARD N. HINES, Chief Consul. Thirteen leading physicians of Atlanta, Ga., have been called before a medilal association for trial because their pictures were printed in newspapers. Is this really a heinous crime, or are the other physicians only jealous of the fame of their brothers? - New York Herald. Goslin - In the papah heah is an account of a fellaw who killed his wife and committed suicide, doncher knaw. Sappy - Which did he fawst' avv? Goslin - The papah doesn't say. Vewy stupid, Aw'm


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