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The Comers And Goers

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JucïgT Ki.nne is hoilding ou"t at Mem roe tluis week. MUss Xellie Parfiel'd is home irom school dutltee at Addisota. MiB. lTa.ry Wei1, nee P'urfielÜ, of Masan, lowa, bas a litt-tle sou. E. E. Gaseer oi Cleveland, Ohio, was üa the city Satui'd'ay and Sunday. Hiscock ia aititemdiing the Sliriner's Canvoca.t'ian at Ietroit. ilrs. L!. Y "ft'aite aad cJiildireoi oí Detroit sp'Biit Suodsay at D. Oramer's. O. E. BubteriLeltf returned Ttairsilay evenins from Ms sojonni at Jacksoii. MTb. A. M. DJty li'as b?au visitiug ter thiL't soos ia Detroitt, duriuff the ■week. Dapild HeiuTaan oí Detroit, eaine out Sa'turd'ay to reviöw college scfeires. Mtb. .Toisepilnne Smith, of Thoiupsoa st.( lilas gaae to Oonimia to viï-it frieiuK. Wes Allie Bekloff of Dát.oK, is the guesit of Mts. EmÜly Eoiutwell, of E. Hurón st. Emll BdolLtier, of Sasiua-v, spent Sunidiay and Monday vi?itdng old iriieiadte liere. S. D. Bnoioks, lifc '9G is principal of thie Hig!li Bchools alt a salary af $1,200. A. J. AVan-6ii, oí tlie Saliine Observr, was a visitor to íilie couiaty ca-pltal yestxlay Mre. Fraaik Siïöbom,, of Detroit, has foeeni a. guiêsb on" Ann Aitroir friendB during ths week. Rev. T. V. Yo'inag abtended' a meeting of thie Baptist Associatiom at Jacksan yesterd&y. W. K. Gilbson, Ut50, of Milwaukee, Wils., lias been spendiing a few days witk Evart H. Scott. Prof. and Mrs. dePorafc gjavO a l'arewell party tio Prof. and Mrs. Stanley on Tlïursday evieniing last . Mr.?. Vin. Cau-ivell, of Oiiulbb et. ite enterta-niinc; Mr?. J. E. Wyman, of Brooiklyn, N. Y.. and iamily. Mts. August Wiaidltoa, of E. Ann st. wfeo bas baFm üangeinomsly ill with peritiOiiitis, is niww convalescing. George AV. öoty foa-s gane to &ag: naw 1:0 vïsi.b bnot'her, wlio is one of tbs oLd residaatis. of that cifty. Mms. Simón ÍSinfce reburned to Grand IsLand, Neb., thiis morning, accom'p.anLsd by her fatlher, A. (Jruner. Kev. Jodin Neumann has to Otosso. to a;titnd a djstrict conventáKm oí f.lie Eva.ngelicial liut-beran church. Mrs. AVillanl K. Ciernen oee Alice Cnamierr fcfb Thursday for hier home In. Mogeow, Tdaho, after an, extended vjsit Prof. B. A. HAnsüale deiiivred au adores bafoire tltro high school graduatriing claisa at Traversa City last TlraratDay. Eug-ene Oesterldn, Christian Martin and Titos F. Hutzel Tvunt ta Owossa yesterdiay to attcnd a state meetÜJg of the Ai-bei t ar Band. Rev. H. P. Horton, assSsfcant ttt St. Andrew'a oJiuc-ch, ;h a.bseat iar t.ho month, viteltïng maóa and re-liatíves in Oliilo and tibie Bast. On Friüay evening Prof. and Mrs. Lombard g-ave a mus-icale ia luonor Dl Er. and Mrs. Angelí. The grounds ■wwe very prettily lishted witU Chinese la.ntiorns. B ti. a. J. Sawyer, W. K. Güb or Milhvaakee, Dr. Armstirong oí Ohelsea. Ilanno.v Soo-tit anl I'.vart Scott teft yesird'ay i:n Manager .Ishley's private car for a week's ïisjijn -up the Aim Ax'bor rolad. Mns. A. A. Bbamley and daughter Bisa, leít the city Friday f ar E.a=ndolph, Mass. They. will bs joikied wlthta a few days by Prof. Stanley, and will sail foT Bmrope on tke 29th, vvh'ere Mns. Sbanley and Alisa Elsa will rematfa for tbe year.


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