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Tlue state couveuituoii iaat ii-eld at Ben-ton Hartw:-, was an nspiraticm to all present, it eannot help bat be feit tiwouga the UniionS whose delegantes were thiere. Aitcong tlhioee from lioadquarters not belonging paTttoularly to Micihlgaj ivcre Mrs. Grabbe, JSfatiiomal Superkit-encteut oí Foraign Works ; Mies, o taue W. T. P. A.; Mtóe Wiatïli.fe-er, ediitar of Thie. Yo-ung Cruisader, and Miss Sbiiirta ai Gbiioago-, each oODtbrtbutinig in soms to the good tbomhits nn-d siïggsstjoms to bg earfied ia tiua bomas and lióme work. Ome Ann Ai-boir presúdisílt and state treaaurer was eleated as delégate to tlLe WorléB W. C. ï. U. CO'ttvenit.Lon to be tuelct in Taronfco, Canada.. The last evenitoig thece was a grand diem m iu wlnicii the entire delegataon miarclued vlia"o.ugli the ciliuicli wath 'banmors ; explaJming later tlue ineaniinig of ea-üh ome. 'riic general Dííioefrs received a bo;uquet of cai-natton.s aud the ütate Presildem reoeived a silver cup and sauoer aind .$70 Sn gold. Dr. "'o.d-Allon win diellvéir lectures la tihie Balvattoa Army Hall Suii'day Jime 13 a-t 3 p. m. and Mon(iay a;i;l Tuesday even'


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