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Good Students Driven Away

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The foliowing is taken froni the Ypsilanti department of the Daily Times, and tells its own story, lf such a state of things exist as related, it onght not to: "A nevv feature of the oíd medica) sorap at Ann Arbor, in which Ilarry Van Tuyl of this city plays a prominent part, has jast come to light. Tvvo years ago Dr. Dock's assistant, then getting $300 per year, demanded $500. "The regents would not niake the advance, so, it is alleged, the medical facult}' determined to raise the moiiey by cutting the salaries of Dr. Canipbeü's tliree student assistants. Tlie assistants who were to suffer by the cutting were Harry I. Van Tuyl, A. J. Skeal and Miss Marión Ñute, each of whom was getting $200 per year. Mr. Van Tuyl says : "Dr. McMurrick carne to me soon after my work began and said ïuy salary would probably be cut, but I got no notice from the regents. At the end of the first guarter he came again and said: 'Your salary bas been cut oueihird. You will draw the full amount and then pay back to me $t6.66. "I drew uiy pay but 1 could not uuderstand why I should give part to Dr. McMurrick, and, upon asking biin, was still further mystified. "Then 1 saw Dr. Vaughan, and lie said the money was to pay Dr. Dock's assistant, and if I did not turn it over he would make it very hot for me. "Miss Nute was willing to pay, but Skeat and I declined. Soon after a professor intiimitely connected with Vaugiian gave me a coudition. I had already seen tlie assistant, who looked over the papers for this course, and be said: 'You are all right. Your clase record was good, and I marked your paper passed. "But, nevertheless, I got a condition. Then came two more, aud as Skeat got them also I saw it was all up with us and left for the Northwestern. "Miss Nute, who gave up tlie salary, was all right. 1 went through the literary department and the two bardest years of the medical course without a condition, and never got one until this trouble. I sasv tvvo of the regents when I returned to Ann Arbor last week, aud they said I bad been badly treated." "A prominent member of the medical faculty said the otlier day that Mr. Van Tuyl's story is entirely correct, and that be bad been deeply wronged because he would not give up ais salary. "Mr. Van Tuyl makes one correclion in the above. Mr. Skeat was not conditioned in his examinatious but was obliged to drop some of his work for the reason set forth above."


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