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Real Estate Transfers

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The following list of transfers for the week ending Jan. 25, tg furnished by FrDci8 A. Slattery, Washtenaw County Abstract of Title Office, second floor Farmers' & Mechanica' Bank buiMine Ann Arbor. : ' h,fcHamlin,byadm'rto R E-aeev, Lot2b2R5eAnn Arbor g ii C,Z?n,b,ar.k'"n ?,? Armbruster 1 Aon ' Sec. 12, town of York 7c m R. T. Van VanReubay to H. L. JweÜn'"Ü pUU of se of ei. Part of wUofswt? Part se H of s w all In sefe town of Manchester „ , „ H. L. Jewell to H. T Van VanRèuby"öönt veyssameas above i w, Wm. to J. H. Btark, e ü of w W 'iiñd w'u of e Uof n e !4 sec ifown ofaalem ïoo Chas éto J. H. Stark. 8 a off off wiide'of R 12. T. V," e K ec 2 tow of Salem 0 R-Kempfto M.J. Lehman, plecelnsec lb 8 a off w Vj of u w L sec 23 and that Irt of e i of n e '4 sec 22 lying nonh ofhighway B 25O0 R. E. Reeve lo Anna B. Bach, lot 6 "s'r 6 e Ann Arbor vm R. Webster, to O. M. Henionï'pa'rt 'ör'sëc 32 known as Kern property, also plece of eo 32 Ann Arbor lnn H E. Kelsey by Harris to I). I. McLachÏÏn lot 1 and 1 b 1 n R 1 e village of Manchester . Frank tj Bridget Dolan w ',. of Vm 30townofNorthfleld u, J.B. Atohl.wnUM. Staeblr, w. U"üf"në yi sec 10 town of Salem 2S J. M. Fl lspaugh to J. K. Tuttlë'"w"Ü'öf "s w i sec 23 and s w % of s e y. sec 27 except 10 a Uiwn of !lanti.... 0 Thomas J. Keech to Gotl-ib Bucholi, loü 8 and 10 b 4 n R 14 e Ann Arbor 220 L. D. LoomlK to Wm. A. (raham. plece of wl&d,to 0ong.1on Ut a.ld to Chelsea 1 s M. E. Roben to M . A. Uflin, piece of land on e side of Perrin st., city of Ypsilanti.. 800 Tho. to 8amnel Finch. neKofswUof aecS04ainnw and aln s w (of n e 4 all in towu of Augusta. 2 000 Thomas to 8amuel Finch conveys samé aa bove - 2,000 ]