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The following ligt of transfers for the week ending Feb. 23, is furnished by Francia A. 8lattery, Washtenaw County Abstract of Title Office, second floor Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank building, Ann Arbor. : Chas. Howell to J. Pay s ;; of I. 3 and 4 blövlllageof Dexter iooo Thos. fcheehan to Jai. Gilbert, L 24 and 25 llmiter's add to Ypsi 1237 Wllsou 4 Warner to Jacob Fenuan, L 6 Wilenn Warnert aUd to MUan 140 Jacob Furmau to C. L. Kermau L 6 Wüson i Warner' add to Mtlan 1000 Wm ScullT to J. O. Engilsh, 2 and 5 82 a on sec ?S Tof Manchester 50 J. G. English to Wm. Scully 1 and 1616 a on sec '23 T of Manchester 75 M. E. Swartout to A. F. Smith, bi a on sec 88 Ann Arbor city 1300 M. V. liicki to Titus Hutzel, plece on Wanhlngton-st, Ann Arbor city 5000 8. G. Milieu to M. Swartout, part of n w % iec 88 T of Aon Arbor _ 201 Franklln to Mary E. Kverett, 19S. a on secs l'urk ABê'n, 28í a on sec 11 T of .ylvan IS'17 II. M. Uoodale to H. Corawell 45 a on Bec 17 Tof Ann Arbor._ 1900 Thos. White to Eliai W. Hobbs, 178 a on aec 22. T of York f 1 Mk'hael to Johanna Gcrry, v% of lot 1 Jarvls re-survey city of Yptllantl 1 S. to Geo. NisBely, l'nd H oi 80 a on stc 1 T of Bridnewater 1990 Cha. Rowe to Byron Kuhl, 20 a on sec 28 T of Sliaron..._- - 1800 C. L. Marvin to 8. A. Rogers, und ; of mlll property in RawBonvilIe and also vil lot 131 Í600 A. L. Feldkamp by heirs to I,. Lindenschmidt, 51 a on sec 18 T of Saline 1 L. Ltndenschmtdt to J. Feldkamp, 25 a on iec 18 T of Saline 1:00 L. 8. Porter to Ja. D. White, n e H of lot 68 and 64 Travers add to Ann Arbor 1500 Wilson i Warner to VT H. Wualey, lot 8 Wilson A VVamer'B add to Mllan no John Bonton to J. B, Emery, SO a on sec 26 Tof Augusta _ 500 A Tremperer to M. l.indsley, KO a on sec 22 Tol Hcio _ 1 1 D. loomis to L. Price, lot 2 b 7 vil of Chelsea 1000 Mack i Schmid to Heiman Zuli lot 19 b 5 ir 6e Ann Arbor iooo E. Aylesvforth to 1-. June, 11.75 a on sec 31