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Real Estate Transfers

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John Rockwell to Natban Avery, Lyndon $ 350 John Rockwell to Nathan Avery, Lyndon 1425 Michael H. Hay to D. L. Hay, Soio 4130 Mary Ann Duryer to Stephen Beach, Lima 1450 Cornelius Cornwell to John Kmg, Ypsilanti city 350 J. F. Seeley and wife to W. D. Ann Arbor 1100 Jehiel White, by adm., to Erastus White, Lima 3861 Eva A. Thompson to Sarah McCarty, Augusta. 250 Jame Sootney to W. H. Scotney, et. al., Superior 1200 Milan Kidner, by adm. to J. and D. Gorden, York. 1700 Milo A. Rowe to W. A. Graham, Sharon 800 Wm. A. Graham to Geo. A. Fieldkamp, Sharon 900 W. D. and Laura Morton to John and Laura Richards, York 2675 Frank H. Wier to Morgan H. Wier, Sharon 7000 M. H. Wier to John Logan, Sharon 5100 A. A. Stringham to Michael Eirk, Manchester 800 Charles S. Smith to Harrison Fairohild, Tpailanti city 1200 Jonas Young to Chas. C. Young, Dexter 7000 Charles C. Young to R. C. Auld, Dexter 10400 Clara W. Stevens to Caroline Schaible, Ann Arbor city 750 John Dolaa to J. W. Bennett, Dexter village 1000 McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. to Myria G. HUI, Chelsea 1000 Ida O. Foadick, by guardiƔn, to Waker Fosdick, York 2565 Chas. C.Wilmot, et. al, to Chas. Hutchinson, Ann Arbor city 4000 Catherine Wilmot, by ex., to Chag. Hutchinson, Ann Arbor city 4000 John W. Maynard to Harvey Cornwell, Ann Arbor city 105 Charles Kingsley to Theodore Morschauser, Manchester . 700 C. H. Kempf to Frank P. Ulazier, Chelsea yillage '. 3400