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Killed By The Apachees

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William Diehl went west from this city about twenty years ago. His aged mother, Mrs. M. Diehl, still resides at No. 14 South Ingalls street. Sunday, June 12th, while at his own home about 40 miles from the San Carlos reservation, he was fcully murdered by some Apache Indians. He was evidently a man "of considerable influence, and much respected in the eommunity in which he lived. The Tombstone Arizona Daily Epitaph devotes a column to a very elabórate account of his funeral and a rehearsal of his many virtues. Ile was buried with high honors by the Gr. A. R. post of Tombstone, and a long procession of representativa citizens followed his remains to the grave. The paper in speaking of Mr. Diehl says : "Ilis is another name added to the list of innocent victims who have needlessly been sacrificed to the near-sighted Indian policy of our government. Wm. Diehl was one of Nature's noblemen. His private life exemplified the virtues, truth, industry, honor and fidelity ; and when, in his youth, the struggling Union needed his services in the suppression of the rebellion, he promptly gave to its defense four years of courageous, uncomplaning soldier service." The three meanest men we know of live in Dexter. They quietly sat on a log near the river a few days ago and saw a girl fall into the water and made no attempt whatever to rescue her.


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