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The "Helpers' Band," of the Presbyterian church and several of their friends went to Whitmore Lake, yesterday. Services in St. Andrew's chnrch, until further notice, as follows : Sundays, 7:30 and 10:30 a. m., and 5 p. m. Sunday school, 12 m. Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 a. m. At the congregational church next Friday aiternoon, at 4:30, will occur the first organ recital, under direction of F. L. York. Vocalista : Miss May Whedon, soprano ; Mr. Lavin, of the church of Our Father Detroit, tenor. Tickets may be procured at the bookstores of Geo. Wahr, G-eo. L. Moore, and at the office of the school of music. Second recital will be piano, Monday evening in Hobart hall. Mrs. J. W. Shoemaker, of the school of oratory, will give select readings. A Jackson special to the Detroit Evening Journal, Saturday says: "The largest land sale on the order of the supreme court ever made in Michigan, occurred here Friday. The land which consists of about 50 acres of platted residence grounds, is situated near the Michigan Central property, and is worth about $30,000. It was formerly owned by McNaughton and Lathrop, who were engaged in land speculations here years ago, and has been in litigation of late yoars. Mrs. Lucy W. S. Morgan, of Ann Arbor, recently deseased, being the other contestant, the case was carried to the supreme court, which ordered ihe sale. It was bid in largely by the executors of Mrs. Morgan and brought not far short of the value stated above." A photographer's tent has been pitched on the banks of Whitmore Lake in front of Wm. Rane's store and will remain long enough to give every one a golden opportunity to have their phiz struck off. The Chelsea and Dexter base-ball clubs have been crossing bats lately, which has stirred up considerable bad blood. It is now rumored that $50 a side will be put up by the enthusiastic friends of the respective clubs.


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