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The seoretary of the state board of health of Illinois wanted to know what progress, if any, tho colored people of Michigan were making in sanitary matters. Brother Gardner said he would like a general diseussion of the subject, and Sir Isaac VValpolo aróse to remark that he was making progress. Up to a year ago he didn't know that sereu persons and a dog sleeping In au KxlO room wilh all the windows down and the doors closed was injurious to the human system. He supposed the feeling of languor was brought on by noncirculation of blood in the feet. Whalebone Howker had also progressed. He had now learned the difference between the smell of gunpowder and sewer gas and the lives of his thirteen children were no longer in peril. Pickles Smith used to wash his feet once in six rnonths. Now he feit conscience stricken if a week passed over bis head that he didu't heat up a boiler of water and soakuphis pedáis. His five dogs used to sleep in the house. Now they either made their beds in the doorway or stood up against the woodshed door. Judge Chewso had slept in a room with six other persons, a barrel of soft soap, three dogs, an oíd codflsh and a limburger cheaeo, but he had progressed. He used to wako up in the morning and charge politicians with seeking to poison him, but now he realized that it was his ignoranee of sanitary tions. Several otber members spoke in the same strain, andrelnttd vivid personal experienees, and the president finally said: "De Seckretary will answerto de effeck dat we ar' iraprovin' in sanitary mattcrs in de rapidest manner, an' dat de time ara purty nigh at hand when a black pusson sleepin' in de garret of a house doorin' de hot nights of July an' August will werry probably remove de feather bed an' dispense wid about fo'


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