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The Modern Queen Of Hearts

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In the dark ages at his easo Jlan helped himself to all degrees Of learned distinction, Nor dreamed that woman e'er could master Ho Race, Vir Gil, or Zo Roaster Without extinction. But all is changed. In Greek and Latin, By hives which learned drones have sat in, Queen bees sip honey. By classic streams they Homer spout, And no male don can drive tliem out For love or mouey. Brit to our tale. Minerva Brydö Was of our college halls the pride. She thought in Greek. In Sanserit she eould write a play. The calculus she solved all day Ere she could speak. The dons of Cambridge owned that shO Could wax 'em on philosophee ; And as for science, Old fossils who could bones compare, But who had lost in thought their hair, Sought an alliance. The fair Minerva, Queen of Hearts, One day was capped Master of Arts. She knew them all- Logic, divin'.ty and law, Zoology, dcxology; but, pshawl She beat old Sol. Now many suitors sought to win ' Minerva with their vapid.chin And polished cheek. i ' l She bowed not on the Appian Way To any man who could not say .v "Ice cream" in Greek. For she was lovelier than the dawn, And lithe of figure as a fawn. Out of hismind One fellow vrote a song; His quantites, poor wretch, were wrong. She cut him blind. But, ah 1 a lovely youth there came, A very Paris, and his game Was, with a ball, Played by the Greeks in Athens when The gods were young. Of all the men He had the cali. A champion he, whose mighty bat Had laid f uil many a Hoosier flat. His aim was true When at a rival head, Rudolph, With eye unerring, as in golf, The baseball threw. One eve he carne. Torn were his clothes, And on a patch he wore his nose, Arm in a sling. "Minerva,11 cried the youth, with glee, "We've busted 'em. Hoorahf' and she Said "Ting-a-ling." i . She was the belle. Ah, it was sweet. She bade him kneel down at her feet. And crowned him then. "My best and bravest, Sec of Arts, The Master gives thee here." No carts. Hic jacet penna- pen.


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