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Wanted No "mejum" In His

Wanted No "mejum" In His image
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"I don't want no spiritoolism in mine," said a red beaded manwitb long hair, as he Bat down in a saloon on Washington avenue. "Thcre may be something in it, but I know all about it tbat I want ïo know," and be leaned back in liis chair and looked solemnly at a companion. "Wot's the matter -n-ith it?" asked the other. "Gimme a littie rye," s:iid the red nosed man; "them's the only spiTrití; I want anything to do with," he contümed, as the glas3 was set before bim. "They're good enough for me." "Wot's the matter witu spiritualism?" ropeated the companion. "I ain't a sayin' nothin' 'gainst spiritoolism," he announced, guardedly, "but I don't want any of it; I have had a h'ttle experience, and that settled me. My wife 'Mandy went to some of their meetin's and they kinder affected her. One of their hungry lookin' cusses come 'round to the house one day, and told 'Mandy she'd make a mejum like bim if she'd take some lessons for SÜ5. He gave a test, and called on 'Mandy's dead brother to show up. He come and they had a talk. He told 'Mandy that when she was a mejum slie could cali up any sporret she wanted to. That's what settled me. I didn't wait for notbin' more. I didn't argy with 'Mandy, 'cause I knew it was no use. I watched my chance and got tbat cuss out in the medder and told him to git, He said he wouldn't. I juát took and pounded him till ho was black au' blue. He didn't wait another minit, but set out for the station like a 4-year-old ruimin' away." "Kinder pulverized him, did you?" remarked the listener. "You bet, an' 1 did him up in brown with red dressin'." "But wot made you kick on spiritualism?" asked the companion for the third time. "I ain't sayin' anything against spiritoolism," reiterated the red nose man, "but I don't wan't 'Mandy to be no mejum. Now I don't want to run down 'Mandy. She's the best housekeeper in our county. Tbere ain't no dirt 'round our house, and her butter an' bread is famous. But 'Mandy has her pecooliarities, and they're kinder unpleasant at times. I ain't no fault finder, but still I can't make up my mind that I want them pecooliarities 'round me all the time. Now 'Mandy's strong and the chances are she'U Kve longer'n I wilL Now, if she was a meju n she could cali my sperrit to herevery time. I wouldn't have no peace in the other world at all. She'd keep me right by her an' I wouldu't have a chance to go visitin' in the next world," and hesighed gently. Just then a harsh sound was wafted into the saloon. It evidently emanated from a female, and it sounded like a man filing a saw. The red nosed man rose with a wild look in his eye. He glanced at the back door and then looked toward the street. It was only a big colored woman disputing with the small boy. A mighty sigh or spasm of relief shook his frame. "I- I thoueht it was Mandv." he said. "1 lef t her at the hotel. "-


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