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l.ITKKAHY NOTES. The American Magazine is now published by Tbe Americau Magazine Company. The frontispiece of the September number is a portrait of Lieut. C. F. Winter, of the General's Foot G ïards, Canada, who has served in both Egypt and the Dominion, and wears honorable Ecars as well as medals and the Khedive star. Curacao, a quakt old Dutch city that seems out of place in the Western Hemigphere, ia sketched by Dr. W. F. Hutchinson in the September number. The town has a great future if ever the Panama Canal is constructed, the harbor being one of the best in the world, with water enough for any ship afloat. Dr. Hutchinson also describes a race of lake-dwellers still existing in Venezuela, whose houses and habits seem strangely similar to those of the age of stone or bronze. Edgar Fawcett's serial, " Olivia Delaplaine," begins to develop a strong plot, in the pressure brought to bear upon the heroine to consent to a dista9teful marriage. " Our New Navy," as described by Lieut W. S. Hughes, certainly bids fair to be serviceable to a limited extent. It is a good beginning, if nothing more. The time that will be required for the construction of even this small fleet, is worth noting. How many yearg will it take for us to build a navy suitable to our position among nations ? The Quiver for September presents the usual variety of Sunday reading. It opens with an account of "Fulneck and the Moravians," which is very prettily illustrated. Then comes the continuation of that attractive serial, "My Brother Basil." This is followed by a pathetic little poein, "AChild'sTear." The Dean of Canterbury tells " How God Preserved the Bible," and Sophia M. Palmer describes " Jerusalem as it is." There is an unusual amount of fiction, but the Bible lessons are not lost sight of. A strikine; paper is on " Flower Teachings." Such a Quiver full of short arrows we have seldom seen. Poetry, pictures and music go to make up the contenta of this remarkable magazine, the circulation of which covers every quarter ot the globe. - Cassell & Co. 15 cents a number. $1.50 a yearin advance. ÖrvVO tte CMláren. They are esS5VVVVL peciaiiy iiable to sudden Colds, Coughs, Cronp, Whooping Congh, etc. We guarantee Acker English Remedy a positive cure. It saves tours oí anxious .watching. Sold by John Moore, Druggist. California is using coal ashes, einders and water to make pressed brick, and they stand all tests as well as those made of clay. Those who carry bricks in their hats rather prefer them. HALE'S HONEY is the best Cough Cure, 25. 60c., ÍL GLENN'S SÜLPHOR SOAP heals and beautifies, 25c GERMÁN CORH REMOVER kills Coras & Bunions, 25c HIU'S HAIR & WHISKER DYE- Black & Brown, 50c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure n 1 Mimue, 25c DEAN'S RHEUMATIC PILLS are a sure cure, 50c A New York young lady who went to Europe six months ago, and will shortly return home without having achieved "great social triumphs abroad," will blooked upon as a grea" curiosity, and tendered a grand banquet by the sensible women ot that city. - Norristown Herald.


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