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Packard Brick Street ...

Tue, 08/21/2007 - 2:16pm by jaimonr

Packard Brick St.
Taken by Piotr Michalowski in May 2007

Packard St. bricks before they re-paved between Main and Division

In an image in 1789, the bricks were between the parallel lines of the car tracks. When the car tracks were taken up, the space between them was also disrupted, and then sometime repaved with bricks as on Detroit Street. The original street railway line consisted of two lines- one out Packard and one up Williams street to circle the campus, both connecting to the MC Station. I do not think the original 1890 street car line went out Huron, since the interurban to Jackson in 1901 had a fight with the Ann Arbor Railroad over the crossing of tracks on Huron, which were at grade. The Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Street Railway, which was steam operated with a "dummy engine" was built in 1890 and operated from Main and Huron out Packard to Ypsilanti, ending on the south end of town at Harriet Street, which may have been the end of the horse car line, which did go down Washington Street in Ypsilanti.

--- Mark H.

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