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On The War-path

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Rawlixs, Wy. T., Aug. 16. - A messengel has just arrived from White River, CoL, who reporta that about 150 Utes are fighting at Beaver creek, fifteeu miles from Meeker. Families are rushing int Meeker and more Indiana are coming, The country is all on flre below Meeker be tween the WUite and Bear rivers. Mr. Golden, the messenger, ie trustworthy. Ons hundred mounted nien are ready and wiH march on the Utes under the command o C. E. Blydenburg. Women are making bandages and the town is thorougfhly excited. Glenwood Speings, Col., Aug. 16.- A courier sent to Meeker Sunday at ten o'clocS a. m. reached that point in lees than teri hours, making sixty-tive miles over a rough road. Another courier left Meeker shortly af ter his airival with a dispatch f or Sherifl Kendall. General West urges Governoi Adanis to send rifles and ammunition at once.


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