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The Detroit gram and produce quotationsare: Wheat- No. lWhite, m4@7ü}4c; No. 2 Red, 78)i@73Lc. Flour- Roller process, 6.75@4.00; pateDts, 4.50@4.75.Corn - No. 2, 44}c. Oats - No. 2, 263c. Butter- Creamery 23(g24c. Cheese, iocuc. Eggs, i?@iaj& S. R. Misnear, the Bronson farmer who was racently swindled out of $400 by a New York sharper, has become insane. O. D. Leybolt. a farmer from Rlve, drove to Jackson the other day, and whiie there was taken sicli and died. Jotm Brown, twenty one years old, residing on a farm with his mother three miles north of Lapeer, deliberately put a bullet through the palm of his hand with a revolver a few day a ago to evade worlc He submitteJ himielf to the samo ordeal about a year aso, only using the other hand as a target. The son of J. 'f. Peterson was killed reeently by faling into a well at Dowagiac. A gang of roughs have been terrorizing the resiJents of Faymouth. They breaji into residenees, steal hors.!S, kill, drags and carry off beef at their pleasure, and compel the farmer' wives to prepare meals for them, enforcing their demands at the muzzles of shot-guns. The Coldwater Young Men's Christian Association is startiug schools in all the empty houses in Branch County. At Katon Rapids the other night John Williams shot Frank Clark in a dispute about a girl. Clark would probably die. Dr. W. Upjohn, the oldest resident pbysician of barry County, died at Hastings the other evening. The fire ia the Calumet and Hecla mines at Houghton was still raging at last accounts A new pian was tried for overcoming the tilines. Carbulic acid was lorceJ down the pipes, and it seemed to be working successïully. Four rainer went down tbe 9haft twelve feet to stop some crevices, and one of them was overeóme by the gas. The others removed him at the risk of their lives. Jacob Schlenker, a young butcher, met with a fatal accident while liunting at Junction, near Jackson, a few days ago. His gun í urst, carrying away a portion of his head. Charles and William Macard, two young farmers living four miles south of Grand Rapids, went to the county jail in that city recently and said they had shot and killed a neighbor named Mlchael O'Hara and had come to give themselves into the custody of the offleers. They ware locked up and the sheriff and the coroner want to the scène of the shooting. O'Hara was found dead by the roadside in front of the Macard residence. There had been a feud between the parties over some land. Tha Macards claimeJ the shooting was done ti self-defense. A barn belonging to Philo McDonald, of Rich township, Lapeer Caunty, was destroyed by flre a few days ago, burning to death Elmer Smith, a young boy. A soldier named Brown, of Company H, Jackson, threw himself, or feil, under the wheels of a locomotive at the station at Island Lake a few days ago and was instantly killed. It has been ascertained beyond doubt that the recent fires at Marshall were incendiary in their origin. Four boys were thrown from a wagon at Caro the other evening and badly hurt, one of them, Claude Drake, of Detroit, being fatally injured. Rev. Guiles G. Rhodes, a Free Methodist preacher, recently swore out warrants before Justice Barber at Lapeer for the arrest of Dr. William F. Harrison and Dr. Wilson, the latter a vetermary surgeon, and for twenty-eight others, names not given, for grievous bodily assault. Mr. Rhodes says that while he was holding divine service at a private house in Rich township thirty men entered the house, took him out, removed hi clothes and tarred and feathered him and rode him on a rail. His exposé of evil doings in tha township was said to nave been the cause oí the outrage. A camp of the Sons of Veterans is being organized at Jackson. During July Three Rivers thermometers reached tha 100 markor highertwenty-hve days out of the thirty-one, and only ona and one-half inches of rain feil. A large court-housa is being erected at Rogers City, Presque Isle County. Mrs. Cinderilla Stowell threw herself under a freight train the other morning at Raisin and was cut to plecas. No reason was assigned for the act. The requisite $50,000 is said to have been subscribed, which assures the erection oi the proposed new Congregational church in Manistee. Reports to the State Board of Health by sixty observers in different parts of the State for the week ended on the 6th indicated that dysentery, remittent fever, rheumatism and consumpüon of the lungs increased, and whooping cough decreased in area of prevalence. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-two places, scarlet fever atflfteen, typhoid lever at seventeen and measles at seven places. George H. Knoar, oi Arthur township, feil against a saw in Martin" s mili near Clare the other day and had a leg sawed off. A fire at Garden, Delta County, the other night destroyed the hotel and livery stable of Robert A. McDonald and six other buildings. Loss, $7,000; no insurance. The fourth annual reunión of the Soldiers and Sailors of Northwestern Michigan will be held at Reed City September 6, 7 and 8. Pleuro-pneumonia was discovered at King's cattle yards in Detroit a few days ago, over a dozen cases existlng. QuaranUne was instituted immedia'ely. Coldwater recently struck a quantit of oil at a depth of one thousand feet. Texas fever was recently reported as prevailing in Detroit to a limited extent mong the dairy cattle, and several deaths Dad occurred. The other night tramps broke into a freight car near Jackson and carried off four suits oE elothes, four hats and four pairs of shoes, all valued atabout J100. A gang of hoodlums boarded the excursión steamer Alaska on its return trip f rom Put-in-Bay to Detroit the other night and plundered and beat the passongers at their sweet wills. Upon the Alaska' s arrival in Detroit eleven of the gang were taken into custody. The farm of Charles Toney, near Dimondale, Eaton County, was swept by meadow nres the other night, the farm buildings alone being saved after an allnight flght by the neighbors. In all six hundred acres were burned over, including orchards, forests, sixty cords of wood and twenty-flvo hundred fence-rails. Topio Momina, El Cox and Herman? Beitilla were killed in the Cleveland mine at Ishpeming the oth=r morning, and Andrew Ole berg, Alexander Anderson and Herman Abramson nero seriously hurt. The miners wero ridinsf down to work in a kip, which is directly contrary to the orders of the mine. The project of hslding a tri-county fair at Bouth Lyon is receiving considerable ■ttention.


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