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The Schutzenbund Tournament

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The third annual shooting tournament, held by the Ann Arbor Schutzenbund, at tbeir park in this city, Sunday and Monday, was a success in every particular. Delcgates were present from Toledo, Ohio, Detroit, East Saginaw, Vassar and Frankenmuth, Mich., and Berlin, Canada. The shooting generally was above the average, and the visitors, when they departed for home, expressed themgelves as being more than satisfied with the treatment they had received from their Ann Arbor brothers. The programme began Sunday noon, and closed Monday evening in Beethoven hall, where the festivities were kept up until a late hour. The officers of the society desire us to exprees their sincerest thanks to those gentlemen who so kindly donatedto therjc, and helped make the tournament a saccess, wbich left them with about f 350 more in their exchequer. Following is a list of those who won the firet prizes in the different contests : On Union Target : lst prizes, Henry Miller. Toledo, Onio, $50 in gold; 2d, Fred. Graf, $35 ; 3d, Alex Webber, Toledo, $30; 4th, Alex Miller, Toledo, $25; 5th, Herman Armbruster, coal stove, donated by Bberbach; Cth, Fred Bross, gasoline stove, donated by Schuh & Muehlig ; 7th, Chas, llunk, Detroit, $10, donated by the Toledo Schutzenbund ; 8th, Betij. Rensch, Toledo, silver watch, donated by the Detroit Schutzenbund ; 9th, ├╝eorge Spross, Toledo, overcoat, donated by J. T. Jacobs & Co.; lOth, John Mayer, suit of clothes, donated by Wm. W. Douglass & Co.; llth, Henry Bierman,'suit of clcthes, donated by the Two Sams ;" 12th, John C. Barager, Detroit, smoking set, donated by Cha?. Binder; 13th, John Stahl, Frankenmuth, violin, donated by Alvin Wilsey ; and twentv-two other prizes. Buli's eye: lst, Herman Armbruster, Ann Arbor ; 2d, John Armbruster, Ann Arbor; 3d, George Spoors, Toledo. King target : lst, Alex Webber, Toledo ; 2d, Herman Armbruster, Ann Arbor ; 3d, Henry Miller, Toledo. Stitch target: lst, Herman Armbruster, Ann Arbor; 2d, John Stahl, Frankenmuth ; 3d, Reuben Armbruster. The society acknowledge donations from the following gentlemen, who are not mentioned above : W. Gr. Dieterle, Wm. Arnold, John Muehlig, Grossman & Schlenker, Wm. Frank, Hutzel & Co., Louis Walz, Godfrey Schoettle, Jacob Halier, Henry Neuhoff, B. F. Watts, H. J. Brown, Mack & Schmid, Koch & Haller, William Allaby, L. Gruner, Fred Krause, John Burg, Goodspeed & Sons, A. D. Seyler, Chas. King, Gotleib Schneider, John Hunt, D. F. Schairer.


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