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James Means & Co.

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The doctor and the letter-carrier ar not tntkinp about tt case of Bfirioui illaess. They have simply uspended work to discusa the merlta of their shoes. The lettercarrier ay the James Meaas $3 Sho is the best fn the world. The doctor denics it, and sayn that the James Means $4 Shoe is bet ter. Coaiidcrwg tbe UCCili vf cacti, tb are both riglit. ButtnTii Lace ano Conpreü Shnr;, AsK ynur rctailPr fm the JAMES MEANS S4 SHOÈ or the JAMfcS MEANS ÜÜ3 SHOK.accnrdinfitoyourneeds. l'ositively none genuine unless our stamp appeays plainly on the soles. JAMES MEANS S4 SHOE Wlll not wear so long as the JAMES MEANS $3 SHOE, Beeause it is made for men whose occnpaüons are such as lead thcm to cali for & lighter and more dressy shoe than the JAMES MEANS S3 SHOE. Our 13 Shoe has establishcd for itself a permanent reputation for comfort and durabiüty such as no other shoe has ever known in the history of the trade. Ko competitors are able to approactt it. The James Meang S4 Shoe s Ught and stylish, and it is as durable as any shoe of its weight ever manufactured. We confldently assert that in every vital respect the James Means 4 Shoe is equal o the hand-sewed shoes which have hitherto been retailed i $6 or $7 It has a Dongolatnp and seamless calf vatop. It has a perfectly smooth bottom inside. It flts likc Etockine. and requires no "breaking in," CC1Í6 perfectlyeasy the nrst time it is worn. . James Means and Co.s Stioes were the flrst !■"" country to beextensivily adverlised. If jou have neen dlMppolnted in other advertised Shoes, your cipenence ought to tcach you that it is safer to buy shoes made Dy the leaders of a system, rather than those made by tflo followers. These shoes are sold hy the best retalle" throughout the United States, and we wil! place t hem easily within your reach, ia any State or Territry, if you will send us a nustal card. 41 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. li. ORCNER, Solé Agent for Ann Arbor.


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