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The council did nothing at their meeting Monday evening of any importance, unfl they went into an executive eession, a very uncommon aotion for a body of legislators take, who are elected to transact the business of the city and to vote away ïta money. The executive sesslon was taken to talk over the city treasurership, cut in justice to some of the aldermen it should be said that they bitterly denounced such action. A number of pe'.itions were presented. One asked for a sidewalk on the west side of W. First-st, between S. Madison and W. Jefferson-sts, and for a crosswalk acr'oss W. Jefferson-st. Another asking the council to order a sidewalk laid in front oL the property of Chas. Richmond on E. Universitj avenue. A communication from the fire wardens, signed by Caspar Rinsey and Emanuel Luick.was read, setting forth that the frame building owned by Mr. James oh the northeast corner of Fourth and K Washington-sts was in an unsafecondition, and that the game was a fire trap, and that it was liable to fall at any time, to the iniury of passers-by and of occupants therein. Referred to committee on flre department. Godfrey Sehottle asked the council to refund him his lioense from the present time to the first of May, 1888, which he had paid, for the reason that he had gone out oL business. Also a petition to remove the electnc lieht on Geddes-ave at least 100 feet towards the cemetery gates and to place it en a pole not less thaa 40 feet high. Keferred. _ L. Gruner, Miss Birk and J. Herrmann asked the council to extend Second-st from Jefferson to Madison-sts. The Street in question runs through the property of the petitioners, who agreed to give me city a deed of the street free of charge. The street was orderei opened. A letter was read from J. E. Wyman m renard to establishing a market in the rink building, which is referred to in our local columns. Gottlieb Schneider (successor to txodfrey Schottle) and John Schneider, presented their liquor bond?, which were accepted. REPORT OF THE FINANOE COMMITTEE. The finance cotamittee recommended allowing claims to the following amounts from the different funds named : First ward g Second " S rry.:T.A .... ÖO OU "'S. .. 215 91 riiin (jo ác Sixth " H?g General streetfund - Contingent " „.„JT."""-." 49 12 Dogtax '! ' UaB0 Total $1,839 95 Also claims of nine difiFerent parties amounting to $21 for services at the last fire were allowed. The M. C. Railroad company was granted tl ie privilege of laying a track on Depot-st, on the south side of their freight house for a period of twenty years. The sidewalk committee reported in favor of laying sidewalks in different placea on Fifth, N. Seoond, Fuller and S. Second-sts. POOK ORDERS. Marshal Sipley's poor report ehowed that he had drawn orders to the following amounts in the different wards : First ward 8 5 II Second " Third " J Fourth " . 80 Fifth " 30 38 Sixth " S980 Total 134 36 Alderman Seabolt'a resignation, which was presented at a previous meeting, was accepted. A committee of five, consisting of the Mayor, Aids. Herz, Wines, Kearns ard Swift, was appointed to confere with the Business Mens' as3ociation on a proper disposition of the $5,000 raised to boom the city. The city attorney was instructed to investígate the city's title to Monroe-st between Main-st and the Toledo R. R. Aid. AUmendinger presented an ordinance relative to telephone, telegraph and electric light poles, which was adopted, and which appears in another column, entitled, "An ordinaace etc." The council then went into executive session.


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