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Death Of S. W. Shurtleff

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Died, in the township of Aun Arbor, Sept. 2, Seldon W. Shurtleff, aged 64 years, 5 months and 5 days. Seldon Wilcox Shurtleff, whose death we thus chronicle, was bom in the township of Canandaigua, Ontario county, state of New York, March 28, 1823 ; he wa9 married to Miss Jennett Crandall in 1846, when he carne to Michigan, and settled in the township of Salem, Washtenaw oounty. In 1849 he removed from Salem to thi9 townsbip, where he resided up to the lime oL his death. In 1853 his wife died, and one daughter, Mrs. C. C. Warner, of this city was theresult of the marriage. In the following year he was united in marriage to Miss Maggie R. Johnson, of Bristol, N. Y. His now bereaved widow, three sons and two daughters, survive him : Dr. H. A. Shurtleff, of Partello, Calhoun county, T. W. Shurtleff, and Miases Ella, Nina, and Wait Shurtleff, all cf this township. Mr. Shurtleff was an examplary and thorough business man, aud was hela in high esteem b'y his felbw townsmen, and his neighbors and acquaintances generally. In his business transactions and otherwise he was brought in close contact with nearly all of them. In politics he was a stauneh republican, and tor nine successive years representad his township as supervisor. He also served one term of four years aa justice of the peace. The funeral was held Sunday last, from his late residence, and the services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Ramsay, of the M. E. church. It was attended by one of the largeit gatherings of a like occasion ever held in the townsbip of Ann Arbor, many of the oíd settlers feeling an unusuai ímeresi ana participating with aching hearts. Friends and neighbors gathered early at the house to view, for the last time, the remains of him from whose lips, now closed in deatb, they had reoeived so many hearty greetings, and with silent tears gave their last farewell. At 3 o'clock the casket received its covering, and he was borne by six of his intimate friends to his last resting plac?. .The pall bearers, of his own choosing, were : Jno. C. Mead, A. G. DeForest, N. Brundage, Calvin Mitchell, A. G. Savage and Supervisor Braun. The turf in Leiand cemetery will grow green oyer no nobler heart than that oí S. W. Shurtlefif, and tew men have passed away, leavsng behind them sweeter memories. All, when released by death, pass into the beautiíul world of goodness, where the soul goes " marching on and on " to períection. One of the leaders in thoee ranks will be S. W. Shurtlefif, and were I to write his eiptapb, should simply say, he was a good man.


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