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Ann Arbor Markets

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Office of The Register, I Sept. 8, 1887. f These quotattons are corrected weekly. Under the head ''Wholesale" we quote prices as pald to Tarmers bringing their producto In, and nnderthe tie&d "retail" are prices to consumer „ aa sold ovet the counter. We are under obligations to the Central Mills, Kinsey &Seabolt, John Beinzmaun and M. Weiumann for favors rendered. Wholesale Murket. Wheat- 70@72c per bu. Apples- 42c per bu. Beans- Sl.00@tl.25 per bu. Beef- 6VL@6c per ïb. Chickens- 12c a Ib. dover seed- Ï6.50 per bu. Butter- 18c per 1b. Calf Skins- 7 @9c green. Com- 60c per bu. Egg- 12c per doz. Hay- (fio a ton. Hides- 6c per Ib. Live pork- 5c per Ib. Maple Byrup- tl.25 per gal. Mutton- 7@8cper Ib. Oats- 30c per bu. Pelts- 10c@$l 60. Pork- 7c per B. Potaioes- 75c per bu. Tallow- 3Kc per n. Turkeys- 10@llc per Ib. Veal- 7c per Ib. Retall Mnrket. Apples- 00c per bu. Bacon- 12c per B). Beans- 6c per qt. Beefsteak- 10@12c per Ib. Butter- 22c per Ib. Cherries- diied, 20a25c per Ib. Cornmeal- 2c per ib. Eggs- 1 le per doz. Flour- at the milis, t2.38 per cwt. Grapes- 3@6c per Ib. Ham- 14c per Ib. Hominy - le per Ib. Honey- 18c per Ib. Lard- 10c per Ib. Lemons- 25 30c per doi. Mutton- 6@12%c per Ib. Matmeal- 4c per Ib.


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