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Our Bread In Danger

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The United States Governmemt Chemists, in their xaminations of articles of food offered for Government use, have developed the alarming fact that almost all the brands of baking powders upon the market are made from alum or phosphates, or contain large quantities of lime or other adulterants. As a matter of fact, of the sample.s analyzed, the Royal was the only baking powder found free from all of these deleterious ingredients, and absolutely pure. Alum is used as a substitute for cream of tartar to produce a cheap baking powder. It costs less than two cents a pound, whereas pure cream of tartar costs forty. The effect of alum 'upon the system has been ascertained to be poisonous, and overdoses have been attended with fatal results. The phosphate are next to the alum powders in cheapness. They contain a large amount of lime. The baking powders sold with a gift are of the alum or phosphate class. Lime is the most useless adulterant yet found in baking powders. It is true that when subjected to heat it gives off a certain amount of carbonic acid gas,' but a quicklime is left, one of the most powerful caustics known. Chemists have found twelve per cent., or one-eighth of the weight, of some of the Imking powders advertised as pure to be lime. The absolute purity and wholesomeness of the Royal Baking Powder - now affirmed by every chemist and food analyst of prominence, and conceded by all manufacturers of other brands - arise from the exclusive use of cream of tartar which is specially refined by patent processes that totally remove the lime and all other impurities. These facilities are possessed byno other manufacturer. In his report, the United States Government Chemist says : " The Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure, for I have so found it in many tests made for the United States Government. I will go still further and state that, because of the facilities that company have for obtaining perfectly pure cream of tartar, and for other reasons dependent upon the proper proportions of the same, and the method of its preparation, the Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest and most rcliable baking powder offered to the public."


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