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PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCKATS. Allentown, Pa, Sept 1.- The Democratie State convention was called to order at noon yesterday by Dallas Sanders in the Academy of Musi'c. li. P. Peale, of Lockhaven, was made permanent chairman. The Committee on Eesolutions reported a platform, which was unanimous.y adopted. The following is a snmmary: The Administration of President Cleveland is heartily indorsed as pure, economical and fearless ; a demand is made that the large surplus already in the treasury shall be used to pay the public debt. and that the current and unnecessary increase going on beyond the needs of the Government shall be prevented by a reduotton of internal taxation and of duties on imports; indorses the legislation of Congress against the importation of contract-labor, and to compel the return of paupers and crimináis; favors liberalpensions to deserving Union soldiers; denounees monopolies and extends sympathy to Irelanu in lts struggie ior nome ruie. The convention adjourned after nominating the following ticket: For Supreme Judge, J. Ross Thompson; for State Treasurer, Bernard J. McGrann. IOWA GKEENBACKERS. DesMoines, Ia., Sept. 2.- The Greenback party In Iowa flnally passed out of existence here Wednesday. After theiorganization of the Union Labor party at Cineinnati the Greenback leaders in Iowa feil smoothly in with the new movement until the State convention was held at Marshalltown. There are two factions in the party here- one led by General Weaver and the other by ex-Congressman Weller. Both plotted to capture the convention, and Weller succeeded. Then the Weaver faction bolted, and called this convention. There were about forty delegates present, but it was claimed forty-six counties were represented. Sarious differences at once aróse, one element wanting to indorse the Marshalltown ticket and another insisting on straight nominations. A compromise was finally effected by which the Greenback party becomes a thing of the past in Iowa. N ticket was named, but resolutions were adopted indorsing the Marshalltown platform, and calling on the farmers to immediately cali a non-partisan State convention to place an independent ticket in the üeld. IOWA DEMOCRATN. Des Moines, Ia., Sept 2.- The State Democratie convention met at the OperaHouse in this city yesterday and made the following nommations: For Governor, Major T. J. Anderson; Lieutenant-Governor, J. M. Eider; Supreme Court Judge, Charles S. Fogg; Superintendent of Public Instruction, H. W. Sawyer. The platform adopted indorses President Cleveland's Administration; approves the civil-service policy; oommends the efficiency of the pension department; demands of Congress a remission of tariff laws; welcomes to our shores the liberty-loving people of all lands; approves the efforts of Gladstone and Parnell in behalf of the cause of Ireland; favors local option and high lioense and the repeal of the present prohibltory liquor law; denounces the holding of lands by non-resident aliens; opposes railway monopolies, and demands equal facilities and opportuaities to all shippers. THE AMERICAN PAKTY. Washington, Sept 3.- Tke convention of the BO-called American party, which will convene at Philadelphia September 16, is exciting the attention of those who closely watch political movements. The arrangements f or holding this convention have been perfected so qnietly that it is suspected the organization is more comprehensiva in membership and extensive in jurisdiction than has been supposed. The assembling of the convention will therefore be awaited with considerable interest, and its proceedings .nervously watched by the leaders of the two old partles. MASSACHUSETTS KEPUBLICANS. BosiON,Sept. 5.- The Eepnblican State con. vention of Massachusetts is called to meet at Tremont Temple September 28. ELECTIONS. The following States will hold elections November 8, for the offices named, and, in most cases, for members of the Legislature: Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Onio, Governor and other State oflicers (Ohio, however, does not vote for Secretary of State this year); Mississippi, Legislature; Nebraska, Supreme Court Judges and Regents State TJniversity; New Jersey, Treasurer, Controller; New York, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney-General, State Engineer; Pennsylvania Treasurer and Supreme Court Judge; Virginia, Secretary of State, Treasurer.


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